Thekoolmom.com is a digital publication sharing topics related mainly to motherhood, kids, lifestyle and health.

My Name is Mira Hasbini Saade, I’m a mom of two sleepless kids, Lynn and Toufic. I created the blog when Toufic turned one sharing articles including tips, recipes, How to’s, personal stories, obstacles… all related to motherhood, health and women in general to connect with beautiful (zombie 🧟‍♀️) moms and share the beautiful yet challenging side of motherhood, the ups and the downs in life, not only in mamma hood and most importantly without forgetting about and neglecting the beautiful WOMAN in you. I have plans and big dreams for my blog. I hope one day I will reach them. This blog will grow with me, my kids and yours.

Have a blessed day Mammas ⭐️


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