How my partner in crime became the perfect Father!!

The below is based on real events that happened last year.

On the 31st of April 2015, my husband was abroad on a business trip!! I was pregnant in my 9th month (Due date was supposed to be on the 20th of May) 

The idea of him missing the delivery of our first baby was traumatizing for me.

That night, I was having dinner with friends when suddenly Sara felt I was having contractions and insisted on taking me to the hospital. (I hope i still have the video that she took, of me in the wheelchair because it's hilarious).

Yes I was actually having contractions. Signs of a near delivery were starting to show! but I wasn't in labor yet! 

The dilemma started and negotiations between friends, family and myself took place: Shall we call him? Do you think he should come back? He shouldn't miss the delivery! OMG she's delivering, OMG the baby is here! OMGGG I can see the head!! (I used to hear this overtime I told them I needed to pee!!)

So Karim got THE call...and took the first plane to Beirut without hesitation!

Let's skip the part where he came back and the contractions were GONE! For one week! Not even one contraction!! So basically he came back to for no reason... (I remember he called me when his plane coming to Beirut about to take off to say: YOU BETTER BE IN LABOR WHEN I REACH LEBANON) :| 

On the 6th of May 2015, I went for a regular check up to see with my doctor how close are we? 

We were VERY close, I went back home, packed my bag and straight to the hospital with Karim who couldn't stop smiling and hide his excitement! HE WAS ABOUT TO BECOME A FATHER!!

Next morning, on the 7th of May at 10 am, the pushing phase started (yes the one where everyone starts asking you to PUUUUSHHHHH) I remember seeing everyone in the room: My mom , his mom, Dana taking pics!which you should!! --> 12 essential pictures from pre delivery till post delivery you need to take! )

AND HIM!! He was so excited he couldn't take that (beautiful) smile off his face!! He looked like the Mc Donald's clown!! His smile was bigger than ever!! He couldn't wait to see him!! I expected him to freak out!! But he didn't!!! He just wanted me to stay calm and ok!! 

Karim was there in every step, he held my hand, hugged me, I swear I could see him trying to help me push, he kissed me on my forehead over and over again!!! Cheering me up, making me laugh, encouraging me, he was strong and gave me strength... It wouldn't have been the same without him! 

I can see the head, the doctor said and by that time, I was in excruciating pain (from the contractions which is the hardest part of a delivery! PS: Whoever never went through contractions never experienced pain!! NO, a broken foot is not pain, hitting your pinky with the table is NOT pain!! Contractions is pain!!)

The epidural effect was totally gone! It was about time to enter the delivery room! Of course Karim went with me holding my hand with his big fat smile! The long awaited moment is here!!

3 final hulk like pushes and BabyT was here, healthy and beautiful with the most beautiful features and skin I have ever seen! Karim held him first before handing him to me, I put him on my chest and tears of joy started streaming down my face. I literally cannot portray the feeling I had! It was a dream coming true!! 

BabyT's first seconds!

BabyT's first seconds!

Karim couldn't stop crying for the next three hours. He couldn't keep his eyes off his child. He wanted to hold him ALL the time! He wouldn't let the nurses put him in the crib! He would take him and put him on his chest while BabyT slept! 

At this time, I was still in the delivery room, finishing up the mess... I remember I asked the doctor where was Karim? Answer: in the nursery with the baby, Where was my mom? With the baby, My dad? with the baby and this is when the sudden reality hit me, it will never be about me from this moment on...

When I was back to my room, Karim was standing there (with huge, bloated eyes caused by excessive crying and tears of joy), he kissed me on my forehead and my hand and asked me if I was feeling ok!

And this is Karim with babyT!!

And this is Karim with babyT!!

umm I just NATURALLY delivered a 3.7 kg baby... I was fine!! 

On the 9th we were back home me, Karim and a tiny living human being who eats, poops and sleeps!! (and my mom, to whom I owe EVERYTHING) 

No-one slept for the next 2 weeks! And when I did, I used to wake up and see Karim awake, watching BabyT sleeping. Waiting for him to wake up and dreaming about their first outing, their first ski trip (yeah I heard that a lot)... 

My partner in crime, turned into hoopla kids fan instead of coldplay, best baby food steamer and crusher instead of burgers expert, crying detector and favorite clown for BabyT! 

My diaper changing skilled, bath expert, bottle shaker, poop connoisseur, pee professional husband is the best father!! 

Happy Father's day my Love!! BabyT is lucky to have you as a father!

You will always be my forever!! 

With lots of love