6 Apps every "Mamma" or "Mamma to be" should download!

Hello Mommies!! 

I know, being a mom is the most beautiful feeling in the world...

BUT with great momyness comes great responsibilities, and with great responsibilities comes CHAOS!

You miss appointments and birthdays, you forget to call your mom, you burn food that you spent all day cooking, you forget your father's birthday,, you're always late, you don't have time for yourself, your house is a mess, you are overwhelmed and it just doesn't feel right...

This was basically ME... especially with my work. So I did some research and downloaded the below 6 applications that improved my time management and organization skills  ;) 

Have a look.


1. EVE

Eve by Glow is a health app that helps you take care of your [sex] life! And by that I mean: birth control & contraception, ovulation & fertility, menstruation, cycle symptoms and trends.

You can log your mood, your cravings... daily or just your menstrual cycle! 

But it is also the only tracker that addresses sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health all-in-one and it is very interesting! 

You join the community, ask your questions, answers some other women questions or just have a look on the conversations happening! 

Its free on IOS and Android



When BabyT was born, as a first time mom, I literally tried all the monitors you could think about! Up until, I discovered this app that can replace the monitor BIG time.

It's not for free but its just for $3.99 so a lot cheaper than all the monitors I got!

Trust me mommies! It's the best monitor ever and so convenient if you have two iOS/android devices (2 phones, iPad and phone, mac and phone...)One that you keep next to you and another one that you keep in the babies room. It's super easy to set up and the microphone are extremely sensitive that you could hear his breathing. 

PLUS: you can use it over 3G, it plays lullabies that you can turn on from the parents device, you can talk to your baby through he microphone! 

Download it on iOS or Android



I am literally addicted! I check this daily. It's an amazing app that will keep you up to date with your kids development and milestones.

It gives you ideas of new games and tips that you can start introducing to your child.

You're gonna love it! 

Download it on iOS or Android



This is for the kitchen lovers!!

Zipongo made my life easier when it comes to cooking and preparing next day's meals! It has so many inspiring recipes that are divided into sections, tailor made for your needs: Weight loss, low sodium, high protein... 

They have a whole pregnancy category (folate, omega 3 fatty acids, and iron that are important for infant developing) 

One more category that you'll love: Kid friendly recipes!   

Once you pick a recipe, you just click on the trolly icon and it adds all its ingredients into your grocery list so you don't have to write them down yourself. 

Most of my cookings are done through Zipongo.

Download it on iOS or Android for free



This is an app for every woman/mommy with a busy schedule especially if you are a working mommy like myself.

I use it to combine EVERYTHING in one place : Reminders, grocery lists, ideas that i might encounter, to dos! Literally everything. 

If you're driving or super busy, you can just send yourself a voice note that will save in your notes and that way you'll never ever forget anything!

Download it on iOS or Android



Ok, so this for your free time (from 3 till 5 in the morning).

Whenever you have time, log in and practice any language of your choice. I am practicing Italian. Its fun, and it made a difference for me.