How to bring your sexy back with Joy, after having a baby.

Hello again Mammas,

If you're reading this post, then you are already a mamma of a beautiful baby. Let me tell you something I'm sure you already heard.

You look good for someone who had a baby. Who cares about those extra kilos left from your pregnancy; You're a mom. You will never be able to wear that open back shirt or those sexy shorts anyway. You have to have this "mamma" body and face...


In fact, now is the perfect time for you to bring your sexy back and look your best.

Yes, I know you barely have time for yourself, been there done that; but you have to try harder and your best to get there or else, you'll be that :"you look fine for a mom" mamma instead of "Wow, you're a sexy mamma" and yes we all wanna be that sexy mamma.

It wasn't easy for me, but I did it and lost all the 20 f****** kilos I gained during my pregnancy and no, I wasn't pregnant with twins.

I don't want to offend anyone here. There is nothing wrong with gaining weight during pregnancy. In fact you have to (12 kilos). I don't wanna offend anyone struggling to lose weight either, whether pregnant or not. Of course you are beautiful the way you are, I am not here to make you feel ugly because of some extra weight!! This is a choice of course that you and only you make... 

Let me start by a small recap on my pregnancy:

First five months were perfect. 0 kilos gained. 

I thought I'll be one of those cute pregnant mammas with a skinny body and a small bump...



I looked like like those Barney pregnant mammas...

Once I hit my third trimester, it was like magic, I started gaining 1 kilogram everyday.

The last time I tracked my weight was 1 week before delivery 

I had gained an overall of 20 kilos.

And that's barney, I mean ME on the left (in case you didn't recognize me) with my proud extra 20 kilos... 

And that's barney, I mean ME on the left (in case you didn't recognize me) with my proud extra 20 kilos... 


May 7 2015

Weight to lose: 20 kilos

9 months of wait are finally over... My bundle of joy has arrived. Now, I have few things to do: feed, change diapers and get over my baby blues. 

I took few days of rest with my baby, taught him how to latch and forgot about anything else. 

Look at my huge hand...

Look at my huge hand...


May 14 2015

Weight to lose: 14 kilos

Yes, every woman is different but you lose around 5.5 kg that includes the baby's weight, the amniotic fluid and the placenta as soon as you deliver.

 So that was a great start!

As for the remaining kg, I didn’t obsess over them, I reminded myself that I just gave birth, and my body needs time to adjust (But this didn't last long)


May 28 2015

Weight to lose: 12 kilos

Routine is back, Summer is back, baby blues gone, babyT was latching, my friends are on the beach tanning... 

AND I looked like a pregnant woman in her third trimester...

I started freaking out about the extra weight but I was afraid that dieting would compromise my breastmilk so I did nothing, until I met Joy who happens to be a dietician and passionate about everything related to pregnancy, kids and breastfeeding.

And that's joy my life saver 

And that's joy my life saver 

Since it was a "first time" for me, getting help from a professional was everything I needed.

I didn't have to worry about crash dieting and losing my milk supply or not dieting at all and keeping the extra weight. I believed that a professional would know exactly what to do without compromising anything. 

Joy helped a lot and kept on reminding me: It took you 9 months to create a human being, give your body some time...
You're gonna get there, Don't worry. and she was right!

June 18 2016

Weight to lose: 10 kilos

I am one of those mammas who fell in love with breastfeeding which is the best way for your body to get back into pre-pregnancy shape noting that breastfeeding will let you burn 500 calories a day.

Breastfeeding is hard the first couple of days, I know, the pain and the latching process made me wanna quit everyday during the first week... But once the baby latches and the milk flows, it's heaven and a lot easier than bottles, in my personal opinion.

I won't go through all the benefits. I'm sure you know them by heart, the best one for me is that babyT was fever free for his first 7 months, but if you insist, check this link and this one to know more about benefits of breastfeeding. 

I highly recommend it.

So, If you choose to breastfeed, include all kinds of soups in your diet (excluding any ingredient that is not suitable for breastfeeding ) Soups will help with the milk flow and weight loss. 

And that's babyT happily breastfed.

And that's babyT happily breastfed.

Don't crash diet even if you're not breastfeeding. It will put additional stress on you and sometimes it doesn't work! 

Opt for a balanced diet. 

Easy: Cut out unnecessary calories like sugar and chocolate.


July 6 2016

Weight to lose: 6 kilos

Happy 2 months babyT.

I'm starting to look like myself again but I knew those were the hardest to lose.

I was happy I was on the right track (thank you Joy)

BabyT started to differentiate day and night even if he still wakes up every 3 hours but at least I had more time to sleep which helped my body restore energy and lose weight.

Get some sleep mammas.

A good way to achieve this would be to nap when your baby's sleeping, at least until he or she starts sleeping all night. 


6 august 2016

Weight to lose: 5 kilos

Happy 3 months babyT

Get those sexy thighs moving...

The most important thing here is to listen to your bodies mammas and know when to stop.

What I did is walk 10 minutes a day with my baby in a stroller then worked my way up to 30 minutes 5 times a week. 

You're gonna enjoy your first stroller walk together, trust me.

And that's babyT enjoying the walk!!  ZZzzzzzz

And that's babyT enjoying the walk!!  ZZzzzzzz

On a later stage, I started yoga, swimming and then incorporated weight training twice a week that boosted my metabolism. 

And that's me exercising while my baby naps.

And that's me exercising while my baby naps.


6 September 2015

Weight to lose: 4 kilos

I was starting to lose hope. I was obsessing over losing the last 4 kilos.

I was afraid to never lose them and be able to go back to my previous weight.

I even considered stopping breastfeeding to crash diet.

I contacted Joy again. My life saver dietician.

Seek help mammas, dieticians will help you lose weight safely and effectively and most importantly, will give you hope and will encourage you. Plus you will have this feeling that you are doing it right! 



6 November 2015

Weight to lose: 0

By the time babyT was 6 months,while I was still breastfeeding, I had lost all the weight I gained and I was back on track ...


I know it's hard and needs a lot of patience but you will get there mammas. Give your body some time, get help from a professional and don't stop! Keep on going until you reach your desired weight and body.