Is your kid a picky eater? Read this, it might be helpful.

My kid is a picky eater!

He wasn't and I had no idea how this happened once he turned 1. He only wants carbs.

I was so frustrated since I am someone who believes that food is the number one immunity booster.

Do you remember my friend Joy?

I'm a first time mom, therefore I expect my friends, my "experienced" mommy friends, my mom, my pediatrician to be available 24/24, 7/7 because I have a lot to ask and to panic about! 

So Joy, my dietitian friend who helped me lose weight after pregnancy, (check out my last post), She's available for me and would laugh every time I call her before she even picks up. (She knows I'm panicking over something stupid)

Anyway, I told her about BabyT whose being picky and eating only carbs. For example, he would move the vegetables and meat or chicken away to eat the rice only and that really pissed me off! I don't want him to eat rice and pasta only!

I think I forgot to mention that Joy is into kids and pregnancy. That's why I trust her fully and ask her about anything related to my baby!

She's writing an article about kids obesity, I will share it with you once it's done.

Long story short, apparently she wrote an article about picky eaters so she discussed with me over the phone giving me tips on how to go through this phase and it worked like magic. It's just about patience. So I thought I would share it with you, I'm sure a lot of moms are going through the same.


Check below her article:


"Almost every child becomes a selective or picky eater, especially between the ages of 1 and 5 years old. Don’t worry, it’s normal and part of their development as it can be a real struggle for you to have your children refuse certain types of foods or eat only 4 or 5 types. Since your role as a parent is important to help them get through this phase, here are a few tips for you to find a way around it.


Let’s talk about food


The key to avoid your kid rejecting new food, is to expose him to 1 new food a week. Let them try the food several times, without giving in easily. In fact, it takes 5 to 15 times for them to accept the new food or reject it. You can also try combining the food they don’t like with ones they do like. The important thing is not to give them a new food “in hiding”. For example, if they dislike zucchini, don’t always hide it in their puree, they won’t know they are eating it and will reject as soon as they try it as a solid food.

What you can also do is describe the food to them, in terms of color, texture or smell: crunchy, soft or orange. They will be intrigued and will want to taste it, keeping in mind to avoid telling them if this food is good or bad for them. Indeed, their perception of food shouldn’t be about “good” and “bad” foods.

Moreover, in the same spirit, avoid using foods to reward or punish your children. Doing so, might create a connection between their emotions and foods, as it will cause them to reward or comfort themselves with food, and that might lead to eating disorders later on.


What you can also do is buy them plates, forks, spoons and cups with their favorite cartoon character. And don’t forget to present their food in a fun way, for them to enjoy their meal even more.



Thyme man'ouche is his favorite breakfast.

Thyme man'ouche is his favorite breakfast.


Involve your kid!


Include your kids in the grocery shopping: take them to the farmers market and let them help you choose fruits, vegetables, etc. Once you have all the groceries you need, involve them in your cooking: let them mix the ingredients, that way they will be eager to eat what they have helped you prepare.

Another fun way to involve your kids, is to grow a vegetable garden in your kitchen, and let them participate in gardening and harvesting. For example, you can plant in small pots, basil, cherry tomatoes, mint, etc. Not only will it bring life to your kitchen, but it doesn’t take up too much space.

Also, mealtimes should be enjoyable for all the family. Thus, eat your meals altogether around the table and not in front of the television. It’ll bring your kids closer to you and it’s a great way for them to communicate.

Spaghetti is his favorite!!

Spaghetti is his favorite!!


Love of sweets


Most kids prefer sweet foods, especially because the milk, and breast milk, are sweet. What you can do is offer your kids snacks that are naturally sweet such as low-fat yogurt with 1 spoon of jam or honey, or apple slices with peanut butter.

On the one hand, you should avoid having too much sweets and candy at home so that they won't be tempted. And on the other hand, be careful not to eliminate them completely and explain to them that they can have them in moderation. In fact, punishing your kid by not giving them food, will also develop a frustration and will make them eat in excess everything forbidden. 


Having a kid who’s a picky eater is very common and the majority of kids grow out of it once they’re in school. Hopefully, with these tips, your kid might be not-so-picky after all!







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