10 things every preggo 🤰🏻 should consider doing before delivery!

Two years ago today I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. It wasn't expected at all but it was the most beautiful surprise! My hubby and I were extremely happy about it… and some happy tears were shed… We’re kind of drama queens… 


Between my non-married friends and my mom who hadn’t been pregnant in a while, LOL, and forgot everything about it, pregnancy was a journey I had to discover myself one step at a time.

I'm glad I considered doing many of the things that I did during my pregnancy; like a photo-shoot for instance, I had a lot of fun, AND the pictures looked great. Still, I missed out on a lot of things that I regretted not doing later.

Never too late though! Hopefully the second pregnancy will be on the way soon! :D

I wanted to inspire new mommas-to-be, so I thought I’d share my list of Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy...



During my first and second trimesters, I didn't. Big mistake! I started reading about pregnancy once I hit the third trimester; this is when the due date started getting nearer and I was busy getting ready for the arrival of my baby.

I wish I had started my research earlier, because during my third trimester, preparing baby stuff, decorating the room, buying clothes, while being exhausted is enough!

That’s around the time when your belly and baby get bigger and your energy levels get lower. In fact that’s when you should start reading about what to expect post delivery and when baby is born! Don’t make the same mistake I did, prepare beforehand and early on so you don’t feel pressured last-minute. Try to finish your research during the second trimester. There’s a huge to-do list waiting for you once you hit your third.

By the way these are the books that I read during my pregnancy and after my delivery, you can find them at Virgin Megastore or online, they literally cover EVERYTHING.

“ What to expect when you’re expecting ” (Pregnancy)

What to expect the first year (After delivery)


Another way to learn about your pregnancy is to download pregnancy apps. The app I used is “Baby Center”. This application walks you through your pregnancy day by day and tells you what you might be expecting soon.

 You can also attend courses and educational classes. (check out #10 for references on where to find these classes)

One thing I learned from reading is that every pregnancy is different.


If your friend’s water didn't break, yours might. If your friend saw blood and her doctor assured her that nothing was wrong, your spotting (GOD forbid) might mean something…


I can continue forever with all the things you might expect, but I can’t tell you enough how important it is to get informed. Plus, don't you want to know how a first kick feels? What Braxton hicks are? Have fun discovering!


Bottom line, as per the book title, you need to know what to expect.


2- Take monthly pictures of your growing baby bump

Wear the same clothes, with the same background to make the pictures look THAT much cuter! But make sure to choose something you will be able to wear until the last month.

TIP: Try to take the pictures from the same angle and distance. 

Trust me you're going to go back to those pictures and witness your baby growing... Thank me later. 


3- Book a pregnancy photo shoot

Photos are the only memory you will keep from your pregnancy.

(Unless you intend on keeping those extra kilos you've gained, then this too!) 

Get an appointment with one of the best, Joelle Kanaan, like I did!

She took great care of all the details. Just show up with your baby belly and the rest is on her.

Check out her page on Facebook, she has done multiple pregnancy shoots, cuteness overload!


4- Offer yourself a Baby-Moon

It’s like a honeymoon but shorter and with a bump. 

You’re going to need this, trust me.

Go somewhere relaxing with your husband and again, take a lot of pictures.

After your delivery, you won’t even have time to think about this stuff so take advantage!
Sneak out for a vacation one last time alone with your loved one before welcoming your baby into the world.

Check out this website. It will give you ideas on where to spend your baby moon. It's specialized in baby moons and written by "travel bump friendly specialist". You're gonna love it!! 


Yes you can. Until the 8th month (The last month you won't be able to breath...)

Your husband is reluctant? Don't worry! He’s still interested in you. The funny thing is that men are afraid that their weewee would “touch” and hurt the baby.

Trust me, it’s their biggest fear. Haha.

Assure them that their “male part” is shorter than they think, but be gentle or they might get offended. 

For info:

Your baby is growing and floating inside the amniotic sac and protected by the cervix! This is not based on Google research. I asked a lot of doctors about it… And guess what? They said it’s 100% safe to have “normal” sex during pregnancy. Go for it!


6- Talk with preggo friends and acquaintances

 I think this is probably the only time in life where women get along with no jealousy in the way.

Pregnant women, especially first-time-baby-carriers, LOVE to have pregnancy talks during their journey, so get connected!


It’s good to share stories and worries, get information, and hear about other women’s pregnancy experiences. This took me to a whole new level of comfort during my months of pregnancy.


Now I'm not saying you have to go searching for pregnant women on the street, but you can contact preggo acquaintances, thank you Facebook, or get on the phone with the wives of your husband’s friends!


In my case, I met some preggo ladies at the prenatal yoga classes (which I talk about more in #10).


7- Watch your weight

I surely didn't do that and I regret it a lot.

By “watching your weight” I don't mean DIET, but eat healthy! Never diet when you're pregnant; simply exclude all the non-beneficiary extra calories, like sweets and unnecessary carbs.

In my case, I was lucky and perseverant enough to lose all the 20 kilograms I gained during the 9 months, but still, I regret not observing my weight from the beginning. Check out my post on how I lost those 20 kg!  


8- ENJOY your pregnancy


I love you, but you're not the first preggo on Earth! So don't be a drama-queen and start acting like a PREGNANTzilla. Get up, go out and enjoy this beautiful journey.

Enjoy being a priority, not having to wait in line to pee or to take the elevator, and being able to park wherever you want (trust me once they see your belly they will forgive you).

Get the “I know what you did” look from people on the street and smile.

Enjoy the “Chou ma3iiiikkkk? Sabe walla benet???” from nosy people you never met before.

Enjoy your HUGE boobs.

And most of all, enjoy this miracle of life, after all, you’re adding one more human being to the planet!


9- Get in style

Don't go out wearing your husband’s clothes, like I did, to cover up your bump and extra kilograms.

You look awesome the way you are! Fall in love with that baby belly and the extra baby fat. Think of it as natural botox, stuck in your cheeks and boobs. Own it!


10- Have prenatal massages

No you can’t have just any massage when you’re pregnant, you need to do it with a certified prenatal massage therapist.

Give it a go; you will agree that it is so relaxing and beneficial.

 A special place I went to is Olea Spa, they do prenatal massages and have special services for preggos (nine pregnancy care center)  including aqua biking, prenatal fitness training sessions and education courses and programs for pregnancy and post pregnancy.

 Hope you enjoyed the list! Comment below if you have other ideas and suggestions for soon-to-be mommies!