5 applications that will make your life easier.

Hello People,

I've been trying to finish a post since last year (cheesy)! Wasn't being able to finish it!  Why? Because I have a fully booked day, week and calendar between work, motherhood, house management, cooking and of course last minute errands...

I am still learning how to be more productive and trying to use the 24 hours allocated per day properly.

Some useful tools (applications nowadays) could come in handy and make your life much easier and productive.

Here are some applications that you might consider using.

Here's how and what they exactly do


TOTERS delivers Starbucks and Pinkberry (enough said) along with many restaurants who don't  like Tavolina, Frosty palace, Urbanista, Acoté, Mayrig and many more.

So whenever you invite people or in the mood for craving a good meal from your favorite restaurant while you stay at home in this cold weather, remember you have Toters.


Google Maps:

I know I know you already have it!! But most of you never or barely use it.

You think you know all the roads and ways around you but once you start using it, you will be shocked!! 

USE it every time you want to leave your house, just include your destination and let the app amaze you! 

Trust me, you have no idea how much time google maps helped me save! 

It will depict traffic around you, and lead you to the shortest route and you can access traffic map manually and you will decide on the road you will be taking. And it is 100% accurate I tested it! 

No, you don't know them all, there are so many roads you never used or knew they actually connect with each others. 

You can also search for the nearest gas station or ATM... 

I taught my mom how to use it and got this yesterday when I was on my way to her :

Me: Mom, shall I take Mazraa road or Achrafieh?

Mom: Wait i'll check google maps...

So yeah, it's that easy!!  Sorry mom <3 


Blink my car:

I hate washing my car, going to the gas station and waiting for the car to get washed while I sit on my phone doing absolutely nothing!

You lose approximately 1hour to 1hour 30 min when you wash your car. you could have taken your shower instead or eat! 

Easy! With Blink my car, you can get your car washed and yourself at the same time. Wait, no, your car gets washed while you are taking your shower. 

You just need to let them know where it is parked. And they will do the job. I tried it and its perfect.

OH!! No water involved :) 



Wunderlist is my favorite to do list app. it's so simple, you just divide all your to dos into lists and you can place the lists into folders.

I have two folders: Home and Work 

Inside my work folder I have all the lists of clients with their jobs to complete and in my Home folder I have two lists: To dos and grocery.

It's amazing and it syncs between all your devices. So you can add any grocery item that you need or any job you need to complete from your phone and it will sync once you're on your desktop.

Annnnd it's free :)

Give it a try.


Zaatar w Zeit

Zaatar w zeit has the perfect delivery app and has the best menu with lots of varieties whether you're on a diet or not, and they're so fast!

Plus they have loyalty card and they deliver 24/7!

The best thing is you can save your favorite dishes or sandwiches so whenever you want to order, you just go to your favorites folder and order you favorite meal ! 

It takes 5 to 10 seconds to order for two on Zaatar w zeit app.

Thank you ZWZ for making my life easier.


I hope you liked them