6 Healthy Eating Habits Tips For The Working Woman 👩🏻‍💻 In You

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably like every working mom or woman, struggling at some point to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of your hectic everyday life: working and taking care of the kids before and after work. Sometimes, being overwhelmed makes you crave fatty foods and high in sugar snacks like pastries.

Don’t you worry, we all do this and we’re here to help you in 6 steps

Don’t skip breakfast

If you insist your kids have a healthy breakfast, don’t skip your own, it will give you a boost of energy to kick start your day.

Remember that skipping breakfast slows your metabolism

You can have wholegrain bread with Labneh or  low fat cheese and vegetables or 2 boiled eggs

If you don’t have time to do your own sandwich in the morning, you can make your own granola bars for a breakfast on-the-go with Fitness Magazine and Good housekeeping.

Importance of snacking

If you feel exhausted and in need of sugar, don’t go for that chocolate bar. It will only boost you for a short period of time.

Eating every 2 to 3 hours, will help maintain your energy levels and will keep you focused.

You can have fruits where you can add cinnamon or a bit of peanut butter as a topping, non-fat yogurt with fruits or a little honey, dried fruits, or one square of dark chocolate…

Furthermore, if you like salty snacks you can have air popped popcorn (1 cup), hummus with fresh vegetable sticks or 1 handful of unsalted raw nuts and dried fruits.

Snack in the Box delivers you a box of healthy snacks for the whole month. If you’re overwhelmed or are bored of having almost the same snacks, this box is full of surprises.

Stay hydrated!

Keep your bottle of water with you AT ALL TIMES. When it’s right in front of you, you’ll be reminded to drink.

You can also download applications that remind you to drink, such as Daily water.

You should aim at drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day (6 to 8 glasses).

You can also drink herbal tea instead of going for that cup of coffee or soda in the afternoon. It contributes to your water intake and has many health benefits.

Pack your lunch

 Just cook and pack it one day ahead, the healthiest food is homemade food. Keep that in mind. 

If you choose to order, always opt for a platter with lean proteins such as grilled chicken breast (skinless) or grilled fish fillet, with steamed or boiled vegetables and a bit of rice, pasta or baked potato. Make sure to stay away from fried foods, heavy sauces, and dressings.

In case you picked a sandwich, swap the white bread with brown bread, and have a side salad.

Even the small changes in your eating habits make a big difference.

Don’t skip meals or snacks

Skipping any meal will slow down your metabolism and make you store fat.

You might think that skipping dinner will make you lose more weight, but in fact it will make your body burn less and store more fat on the long run! It’s the way your body reacts when it thinks you are starving yourself.

Keep moving at work

During your break, get up and move. Also, if you’re working at your desk and you’re sitting most of the time, do a bit of stretching every hour on average to reenergize your body. In addition to that, when you need to talk to your coworkers, go to their office instead of calling them, and take the stairs as much as possible.

When you follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll be more energetic and productive.

Stay tuned for some fitness moves you could do at work and that will help you stay fit.