Are you a good Mamma?

Are you a good Mamma?

Did you really bother yourself and clicked on that link to find out whether you're a good mom or no? 

Do you really think a stupid link or anyone or even a professional could define your mamma level? Why? you feel guilty? We all do! Guilt is a feeling that just pops out with your kid the moment you become a mother and the bad news: It will stay there eating you up throughout your journey! No matter what you do; I hate it; we all do!

Mamma, You're not a good mom, you're a perfect mom. Well at least in your children eyes and mine!!  

You're a working mom? Even better! Working moms raise more successful children! It was proved! 

But anyway, since you're here, read the below, it will make you feel better :) 

Here you go:

Whether you chose to co-sleep because you just couldn't handle the separation; or chose to put your son to bed in his own cradle since day one so that he gets used to it because you needed more sleep; You were RIGHT.

Whether you never let your child cry because you just couldn't handle it, or used the cry-it-out method because you believed that its just better for your baby and YOU, you were RIGHT.

Whether you chose to cut your daughter's hair when she was younger to strengthen it or you never cut it and enjoyed it until she was 10, You were RIGHT.

Whether you never let them hold an iPad, or watch TV because you thought it was harmful or just handed it to them because they wouldn't stop nagging and you needed to distract them while you finish something; You were RIGHT. 

Whether you chose to get 3 kids in three years because you needed time for yourself or 3 kids in 10 years because you also needed time for yourself, you were RIGHT.

Whether you picked a "trendy" name like Kyla, Tyla, or even thhgdhfdhj for your daughter or an old/weird name like Asfahan or Adeela or even chibalaka, You were RIGHT. 

Whether you sent your kids to the grocery store alone because you believed they will grow to be more independent or chose to accompany them all the time because you felt they weren't ready, you were RIGHT.

Whether you still breastfeed them (well don't overdo it though...) because you think it's good for them or chose to never breastfeed because you just didn't want to; You were RIGHT.

Whether you never lost your mind and chose to use calmness to educate them or lost it sometimes and started acting crazy because you're a human being, You were RIGHT!

Whether you put them in nursery at 9 months because you believed they will learn better or 3 years because you felt they still need you,  you were RIGHT!

Whether you cook with organic products because you're worried, or just go with the flow and use any available product because you don't believe in organic, You were RIGHT.

Whether you never used a pacifier or kept it till they were 5 because it soothes them, you were RIGHT.

Mammas, we're all good mothers... no? We all have those crazy days, guilty days, perfect days, tiring days, lazy days but the majority of our days are loving, emotional and "I wanna do my best" days! We are all good mothers and we are doing our f******* best here.

So if my neighbor or my grandmother's sister doesn't approve of the way I, me and only me chose to raise my child doesn't mean I'm bad. Seriously, no-one but you knows what you go through and how your kids are. You are doing your best.  Don't let anyone judge you and interfere with the way you wanna do it. These are your children, and NO mamma is better than you. Especially when it comes to them.

You are the one and only one who knows what to do when it comes to your kid!

Remember, No-one in this world will love your children as much you do and no-one will ever wish them the best of the best more than you.

You rock Mamma!! 

But seriously? You never, like EVER lost your mind and started saying stuff that you didn't even understand? Seriously? :O 





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