An accident caused him to lose an arm... 30 years later, their love story is worth sharing.

Hello People... 

It's valentines... so today I chose to share with you a beautiful love story based on true events back in the 80’s between a woman and a hero who believed that LOVE conquers EVERYTHING.

We would refer to the woman as S and the man as A until they are revealed at the end of the story.

30 years ago, A and S fell madly in love and the story continues.

A knew S from when she was a teenager but he never noticed how beautiful she was because he was too young to love.

A and S’s Father had a business going on (this is how he saw S for the first time) 

Years passed by...S grew up while A was there waiting for the right time.

When S reached 18 and A 26, they were both ready for something real, A found himself fascinated by her and decided to make a move.

A’s sister went to school with S so he kind of knew a lot about her.

As I mentioned before, A and S's father had some business together so one day when A was at S's fathers’ office, she was there...The woman of his fascination, so he took the chance to talk to her, straight to the point.

She freaked out…

S was a calm and shy girl, she was raised among 4 brothers whom were protective over her. She had never thought about love, engagement or marriage. She was what we call today, a tomboy. She had never tried high heels and never wore make up.

That is what A loved about her. Simple yet extremely gorgeous and to top it off was her beautiful long black hair.

A was talkative and would go after what he wanted even if it was impossible to reach! 

He asked her out, her dad said NO!...

S's father was the type of “you have to be home before sunset" kind of father so going out with boys was a big NO... S’s father kept on repeating the same story all over again :

[A az3ar (A bad boy] he just wants to fool around; a player and was THE bachelor guy, so no he's not for you.

Too Late…

S and A were already seeing each other with the help of A’s sister, and The sparkle was already lit…

S confronted her father and A was constantly insisting...

Until one day, while A and S's father were on their way to a trade fair in Milano, the father's ring slipped out of this finger and found its way to A's seating!!! (As magical as this may seems; it is a True Story)

A picked up the ring, gave it to his future father in law and asked to see him in Beirut but this time with the presence of both parents.: A and S got engaged soon after…remember we are still in the 80’s

The Accident... 

Everything was perfect until one day, while A's mother was preparing dinner for S’s family, she got the ugliest phone call from the hospital.

A had an awful car accident in on his way back from Jbeil and the medical team weren't sure he's going to make it...

The families met in the hospital while A was in surgery. 

The surgery went fine. A is alive... with his left arm missing...

It was devastating...

3 days later, A woke up but refused to see S or even talk to her. He didn't let the hospital allow her in the room. She cried and went back home every night shocked with A's reaction. She went same night, every night for 2 weeks trying to understand what was happening...

He Called her…

17 days later, A called S and asked to see her.

It was awkward and weird. He was a different man.

S: "Why are you treating me like that" 

A: "I want you out of my life - You deserve someone better, a complete man - I have no idea how my life will be led after this accident and I don't know if I will be able to give you the life that you deserve and you don't have to go through this with me S" 

S: I fell for your brains; the way you think; the future we both dreamt about – Your left arm is an accessory!!

A: "I don't want you to feel sorry for me..." 

S: "I won't!!! I know you better – you will overcome this nightmare in no time!

A: You are not allowed to help me, I want to get out of this by myself, I do not want anyone to help me. If you see me struggling to eat, drive or put my socks on, please DO NOT offer any help."

And the Love story continued… Here comes the fun!!

A hard journey for A and S began. S had to deal with A's mood swings and A had to struggle to get back to his life again. 

"When I first tried to stand up, I fell down, the balance in my body was gone" A told us. He had to learn how to gain balance again just like a baby being introduced to walking.

And then he had to learn everything all over again but with one hand, like how to shower with one hand, how to eat without using a knife, how to get dressed, how to wear his socks, drive, EVERYTHING

S was not allowed to offer help, he wanted to do EVERYTHING on his own, even the things you wouldn't imagine someone could do with one hand like closing his jacket, his watch, his shirt!!!

Are you trying to do it with one hand? HINT: Use your mouth and never give up hope :) 

It took him more than a year. But he did, like a real champion! We read books about these concepts: #Perseverance and #Determination to name a few.

They got married shortly after his full recovery.

S got pregnant and A decided to get prosthesis.

They flew to Germany and stayed for 4 months dealing with all the processes of the prosthesis and S gave birth to their first baby Boy in Germany

A got his prosthesis – hated it and waited for S’s reaction

S: "Umm, NO, you are not getting this. It is not you

A: We paid a fortune for it! I should keep it."

Prosthesis was donated to the hospital. A & S had two boys and one girl , a successful business and a life full of laughter, adventures, fun and LOVE with a capital L


The Boys lived their life thinking they had one Arm...

The boys grew up with an idol father. They would imitate him in everything. YES, LITERALLY...

Weird enough but both his boys used only their right arm! They cut their food using their fork. No knives needed on the table. They wore their watch in their right hand. Drove with their right hand without using the left one and closed the bathing robe with their teeth along with a looooot of other habits. How cute is this?

His daughter loved him extremely. 

She was overprotective over him. She used to hate people staring at him. Why would people stare at him? What’s wrong with him? He's just perfect.

His daughter was proud of him because his accident didn't stop him from achieving EVERYTHING he ever dreamt of! Especially that throughout her life, she met a lot of people who went through the same but they chose to give up. Her Father didn't, and she was proud of him.

I didn't mention S because I have no words that could describe this woman! What can I say? She’s your perfect wife and lover and mother? I think we all agree on that! 

A – on their 20years Marriage Anniversary:"I wouldn't have done it without her because as harsh as it sounds but she would NEVER ever offer me help. She wanted me to do it on my own like I have asked her to! She stood by me, and dealt with my ugly mood swings. She truly LOVED me with all her heart..."

Today, A is in his late 50's and S is in her late 40's and both looking gorgeous as ever. They still love each other like teenagers and they make you feel weird sometimes :O

This couple's relationship is what we refer to today as : #relationshipgoals.


The Reveal… Who are A and S?


A is Abed my Father and S is Sahar my Mother...

This is actually my parents love story people. My love birds.

I am so thankful I was raised by them.

Every father is a hero in his daughter's eye and mine is special, he didn't have a cape but a beautiful heart and soul.

BTW Jeddo Abed, is BabyT's favorite and makes teta Sahar very jealous!!!

I don’t have words or even emotions to describe the love my Father has for my son. 

And he made it clear : "Mira I thought I will never love anyone more than I love my children, but I was wrong..."

Thanks pap!! 

This was my introduction to The Koolest Family…and I would like to leave you with couple of key words from their story.

Be Determined to achieve what you dream of no matter what life throws at you

Perseverance is key – keep it up and never ever give up.

LOVE with all your heart. It is an organ that is far more beautiful than your brain

Who knows one day I might tell you the story of the Kool Khalos!

 Happy Love!

The Kool Mom