💩 Potty Training! How To Make It Easier On You and Your Toddler 💩

We all hated potty training, I thought my child will never be ready, in fact I wasn't; until I received a letter from his nursery informing me that my child was actually ready for potty training with some advice and steps to follow. I did it and it was a total success. In my opinion, some tricks and items I used helped a lot! 

How do I know that my toddler is ready for potty training?

  • Doesn't poo during the night, obviously.
  • Can pull his/her pants up and down with only a little help.
  • Shows an interest when you go to the bathroom.
  • Demonstrates a desire for independence.
  • Shows signs of discomfort when his/her nappy is wet or dirty.
  • Can understand and follow simple instructions and requests, such as "Do you need a pee?" or "Where's the potty?".
  • Has words for pee and poo.
  • Shows awareness that he/she is having a pee or poo.
  • He/she may tell you he/she needs to have a pee or a poo before he/she does it.

My "Golden" Rule For An Easier And Healthier Potty Training

Don't start potty training before 2.6 years! Yes, despite what you have been told, 2 is too early. 2,6 is the perfect age to start unless your toddler did it by himself and decided to remove the diaper (girls usually do that!) but don't force it before 2,6. Most mothers who did it before their toddler reached that age, complained about how long it took them and how hard it was.


How I Did It? Step By Step

What you need to know and follow:

  1. Once the diaper is removed, it can never EVER be worn again during the day!
  2. Diaper pants are considered diapers. Don't use them.
  3. Even if you leave the house (not the first day for sure), don't place a towel ot nylon under your kid in the car. He needs to know that he is not allowed to have accidents.
  4. Keep in mind that it is kind of impossible to leave the house the first two days. 
  5. Also keep in mind that you are training your kid how to HOLD his pee or poo, you are not teaching him where pee and poo are done. He getd the idea of where we pee and poo but what is hard for him is to hold it. So be patient, it might take time but it will come. 
  6. Every time your kid pees or poops on the potty, you PARTAY and let him brag about it in front his father/grandmother... 
  7. You won't be using the onesie underwear anymore, make sure you get your toddler appropriate underwear (I got short boxers and toddler shirts for Toufic)
  8. Don't potty train at night yet. It's alreay alot of pressure during the day wait until they are fully trained during the day to start during the night.

Day 1: Your house will smell like pee

Once he wakes up, remove his diaper and talk to him explaining that today we removed the diaper and we are going to start peeing and pooping on the potty. Make sure you have the mobile potty with you all the time since you will be following your child around asking him/her if they want to pee every 20 MINUTES. Don't expect to have a yes the first day. Expect a lot of accidents. (your house will smell like pee. Remove rugs and don't let your kid sit on his or your bed. Make sure you have a lot of joggings (without buttons, that are easy to be pulled down) ready and clean. Remember: You are not allowed to show signs of disappointment if he does an accident, you can only tell him over and over again that we need to pee in the potty. He doesn't know how to hold it even if he feels like telling you, he won't be able to hold it. Please be patient. After his shower and before he goes to bed, try to make him pee in the potty and put back the diaper for the night. (This is when you will appreciate diapers!!)

N.B: Most kids are easily trained when it comes to poo. But some of them (Toufic's case) take more time to feel safe pooping on the potty. Toufic was constipated for two days because of that and needed help and a lot of encouragement to poop on the potty. 

Day 2: Messy but encouraging

Same as day 1 with fewer accidents. The only difference is that at the end of that day I started changing my tone of voice to let him know that accidents are wrong and he shouldn't have them. I did this only because I felt he was ready. I repeat he was ready. If you feel your kid is still not ready give him another day of accidents. Don't forget to encourage your child everytime he succeeds. 

Day 3: Your kid is ready

For me it was day 3, for others day 4. In both cases it's ok! Your kid can hold his pee and poo a bit longer. How do you know? He will start telling you pipi or caca before he does it and you will have time to run and get the potty. If you feel that he's ready, you can take it to the next level which is the bathroom. Something that made my life alot easier and i think everymom should have is the below toilet trainer you can find it on ishtari.com (when it's back in stock) or on Amazon for 17$ only. Super useful.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.48.56 AM.png

Day 4: Ready to go out

How do you go out with a newly trained kid? It's easy. You risk it! You make sure he/she pees before you leave the house and take the mobile potty with you in case you needed it on your way. 


Et Voila, Day after day things will get better, your toddler will be able to hold it like an adult until he trains himself at night by waking up with a dry diaper for at least 2 weeks.

Please contact me on the below email if you have any question that I didnt cover or any suggestion you think I should add regarding potty training.



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