BRIDES 👰🏻 Those 6 apps were made for you 👰🏻

Hello Beautiful Brides(s) to be,

How are your wedding preparations going so far?

Yeah, I know… You’ve done nothing, because you have absolutely no idea where to start…

You have so many to-dos including the venue, the guest list, the flowers, the DJ, your dress, your shoes,… I know…. I have been there and I have done that…

Where shall you start?

HELP!! Get Help!! You will not be able to do it alone! And by help, I mean some applications that will make your life a lot easier! TRUST ME. Ok, you should know that they won’t do all the job, but at least they will help you do it.




WeddingHappy has one of the best wedding to-do lists.

This app helps you plan out your tasks with notifications to avoid missing anything important, from researching florists to hiring photographers, etc…

It allows you to sync events and contacts with your phone's calendar and address book.

It lets you email tasks from the app to your bridesmaids like “I am not doing that task :)”

It even has its payments tracking system for you to define your budget and include all the payments you did. It will then automatically adjust your balance, give you a cost per guest, and show you the remaining budget when you enter a fee.



This wedding-planning app gives you a personalized timeline for what you need to do and when.

You just put in your wedding date and location, and you'll have a checklist of what you need to do day by day.

Download Lady Marry on iTunes or Google Play.


The knot is the #1 wedding website, they created a planner app that will take your wedding planning from inspiration to booking… 

Consider it your personalized wedding organizer with unique wedding ideas and themes.

The plus here is that they have a lot of inspirations!

*you should also try the knot guest list, wedding websites manager, wedding look book by the knot*

Download The wedding planner by the knot on iTunes or Google Play.




Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.

No no, you really need this to organize a wedding!

You just open secret boards like dress, shoes, flowers, tables…. and start pining anything that you liked NOT NECESSARILY ON PINTEREST. You can also pin on your boards ideas that you have found anywhere. In fact, 90% of the websites today have the “pin it” button that will take you directly to your board.

So once you finalized all your research, you go back to these boards and proceed by elimination, until you find exactly what you want and start the production part with your vendors.

Check out this article about how to use pinterest to plan your wedding, you’ll love it

Download it on iTunes or Google Play.

This is how your boards should look like with all your inspirations divided in sections




Plan your honeymoon here!

Get inspired, download your destinations' maps and check what exactly you might be doing there. It depends on whether you’re a city lover or into islands!

Get to know more about your destination before going!

Download it on iTunes or Google Play.



It is crucial if you are planning a destination wedding.

Style and functionality perfectly blended together.

Your App and Website with all the features you need— Photo Sharing, RSVPs, Events, Travel, Stories…

Appy Couple lets you share your wedding details and updates with your friends, family and guests, from Save The Date to Honeymoon.

Your friends will be able to upload pictures taken at the wedding! You’ll enjoy them on your way to your honeymoon :)

Download it on iTunes or Google Play.