Teachers are supernatural human beings! Find out why with those 6 supernatural powers.

Like Mother's day, Women's day and Father's day, Teachers have their own "day"; and they deserve it. With their numerous skills and talents, teachers should be considered superheroes, because they can do and bare things that no human being could like PATIENCE.

1. They are real LEADERS

They have this responsibility of making the world a better place by teaching those human beings how to become successful and build a better world. While teachers could lead a class of 30 students and get them to do whatever they ask them to, I (proudly) can't do it with one.

2. They taught us how to write and read (No Seriously)

Think about it. If you want to teach your child writing and reading skills, where do you start? Moreover, How? You are thinking about it and have no idea how you ended up reading. Just imagine how much patience those teachers have to be able to do it...

3. They are better than Beyoncé

Beyoncé is known for being the best performer, but teachers can hold the attention of a room full of students and let them just SHUT UP, for an entire day, an entire year and their whole life.

4. They remain, students, all their life

Teachers are required to continually take outside courses, workshops and professional development training to ensure the best education for the next generations

5. They have eyes in the back of their head

If you do not agree, then you were the good one in class. Teachers Know when you are cheating, and they know who threw that paper... They just know.

6. They are FREE mothers, fathers, and psychologists for our children

How many times did you call your teacher “mom” by mistake? We spent time with our teacher more than we did with our mom, do the math (thank God for math teachers).

They are our children's idols! Teachers actually are literally helping you raise your child!! 


You never forgot your teacher's name. Think about it.

To all my teachers and future teachers of my children! 

Happy Teacher’s day!