5 ways to add chia seeds to your daily life 🌿

Hello people!

A few years back, I found it hard to buy chia seeds. It wasn’t very common and very few stores sold them. Today, chia seeds are everywhere! You can find them in almost every supermarket, in restaurants’ menus and even in some bakeries (hidden in baked goods). Everyone loves them! How can you not?? Chia seeds are a superfood, very rich in calcium, magnesium, fibers, omega-3 and antioxidants. They are popular for their various health benefits such as:

  • Strengthening your immune system

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Aiding in digestion and normalizing blood sugar levels

  • Increasing your metabolism and thus contributing to your weight loss

And much much more!!

For all those reasons, I personally always have a pack of chia seeds in my kitchen and I enjoy discovering new ways to incorporate it in my meals, on a daily basis.

Their advantage is that they don’t have a particular taste, so you can use them easily and without giving it a second thought, since they won’t affect the taste of your food.

Here’s how I incorporate chia seeds in my every day meals:

Add it to your drinks

Adding chia seeds to your drinks are the easiest way to include them in your life.

a.   Water is what we drink most during the day. So adding chia seeds in your bottle of water is possible and actually quite common: it’s called Chia Fresca (inspired from All Recipes):


1 bottle of water (500ml)

1 tsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp of lemon juice

1 or 2 slices of lemon (depending on how much you love lemon)

1 slice of fresh ginger, chopped (optional but if you like ginger, it gives it a nice taste)


Add the chia seeds and the lemon slices to your bottle of 500ml

Let them soak for at least 20min before drinking to give time to the chia to engorge in water. This will keep you full much longer as well as hydrated and energetic.

I usually take my chia fresca to work, so by the time I get there, I can already drink it.

*Tip: you can also replace water with coconut water for a sweeter taste

b.  If you’re a tea lover, add 1 tsp of chia seeds to your tea and let it soak for a few minutes before drinking.

c.   If you enjoy smoothies or juices, you can add 1 to 2 tbsp of chia seeds. I tried this kiwi and pineapple smoothie and I loved it! If you’re not at home and stopped at a juicery, ask them if they have chia seeds. For example, at JuiceUp, you can boost any drink with chia seeds!

I also add chia seeds in soups. You can either mix them with the vegetables into a pureed soup or just add them in your soup once it’s done. It’ll help thicken your soup.

Add it as a topping

Sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle!!!

Sprinkle on your breakfast: yogurt or oatmeal. I even add it to my labneh sandwich in the morning! It’s THAT easy!

Sprinkle on your salads, fattoush or tabboulé.

*Tip: I also add flaxseeds with chia seeds for a better benefit

Sprinkle on your main dish: grilled chicken, grilled fish or even boiled vegetables and potatoes.

Add it to your dips and dressings

You can incorporate chia seeds in any dip, such as guacamole and hummus.

Does anybody here like hummus? Wait, almost everyone likes hummus! Well, what do you think of adding 2 to 3 tbsp of chia seeds in your hummus and mix it all together? You won’t feel a change since it’s blended but you’ll know you are having a “Super Hummus”.

If you don’t feel like adding chia seeds as a topping to your salad, you can add it to your salad dressing and have a chia seeds vinaigrette (inspired from Mindfully Frugal Mom):


1/3 cup olive oil

1 squeezed lemon

2 tbsp wine vinegar (I used red vinegar but you can also use white)

1 tsp honey

1 to 2 tsp chia seeds

Salt and pepper, to taste


Just mix all the ingredients together and you have your salad dressing ready.

Add it to your baking

From muffins and cookies, to pancakes and bread, boost your bakings by incorporating chia seeds!

As you noticed, chia seeds can be used easily and in every aspect of your daily life! So, just like your stock of spices, keep a pack of chia seeds ready in your kitchen since you can use it in SO MANY different ways!