9 kool honeymoon destinations you didn't think of

Hello Honeymooner,

Let me start by telling you how jealous I am of whomever is going to read this!! I wish I can go back to planning my honeymoon!!

Anyway, since I can’t, let me share with you what I learned from my perfect honeymoon.

First, there is no perfect honeymoon destination! It all depends on your preferences!

If an island is a perfect honeymoon for someone, someone else might prefer hiking or maybe Disneyland?

To start with, there is something you don't know or never thought about: you can only have one honeymoon in your life! ONE. Right after your wedding. 

The postponed honeymoon is not a honeymoon, it’s a vacation and yes, it is different.

If you’re on budget, TRUST ME, cut off from the wedding, not the honeymoon!! You will thank me later!

You shouldn’t check your emails and no one is allowed to call you, talk to you, and send you a sms or an email… You’re on your HONEYMOON…

So plan it right, and make sure you visit a “bucket list” place because you might never have the chance to do it again.

With kids later on, forget about traveling!

This is going to be your newlywed getaway and adventure, take your time and plan your perfect honeymoon.

I have shared some out of the box honeymoon destinations that you might want to consider.

Remember: Choose somewhere you might never be able to visit again.

I know all of them are on the other part of the world, but trust me IT’S WORTH IT!

Here we go:


For a romantic honeymoon full of adventures and unforgettable moments, choose Tanzania.

If you’re not into flora and fauna, then Tanzania is not for you.

Imagine yourself in Tanzania on this website.

You can plan your honeymoon here, without the help of an agent.


If you’re interested in Tanzania, I want you to check Namibia also. Maybe you can do both on your honeymoon.


Cuba is on my bucket list! BIG TIME!

I’m intrigued by this country and its culture! I wanted to visit on my honeymoon but we couldn’t!

Check out this couple who spent their honeymoon there.

Tips for planning your honeymoon in Cuba? Check out this!


Why not?

Not everyone is into beach and sun! Some love winter, cold and rain! SURELY NOT ME THOUGH…

Here’s some travel guide via the knot.com and two real Alaskan honeymoon stories from sweetphi.com and younghouselove.com

Even more on Alaska here


I love exploring new cultures. It makes me realize how big and diversified this world is.

If you’re a foodie, then you must visit Argentina. I can only imagine how yummy the food is there!

Check out this travel guide for Buenos Aires via the knot

Here are some safety tips for your stay though


Ok this is my favorite! Did you know that there’s an island in Germany? Next to Berlin?

I’m sooo going there!!

The good news: It’s not at the other end of the world and easily accessible.

BTW, cars are banned there… This is what I’m talking about!

Travel guide here


My very own Honeymoon’s highlight was Anguilla!

It’s heaven on earth! And it’s Beyonce and Kendall Jenner favorite spot!

It’s a small island with clear water and a lot of magic! Yes Magic, with many activities like swimming with dolphins, glass boat…

You can visit other surrounding islands and if you are lucky enough, you will have it all to yourself. Yes we were lucky once… Had an island (Sandy Island) for ourselves.

Umm, no, we didn’t… (I know what you’re asking yourself) the locals who drove us there were kind enough to get us our lunch to the island. So basically we had lunch there…

The day we got there, we booked a wrangler for the whole stay and explored all the island one day at a time! It’s so small that it would take you 2 hours from east to west.

We stayed at Viceroy Hotel which is now the Four Seasons! But there are a lot of other accommodations like CéBlue and others also.

How do you get there? Your location – Miami – Anguilla.

We stayed for 3 nights in Miami south beach which is also one of the perfect honeymoon destinations, and then headed to Anguilla.

What to do in Anguilla?

Since my honeymoon was 3 years ago, I’m sure things changed there and I might not remember everything but will share what I do remember.

I swam with the dolphins

We went to Pump House at night, a tiny cute wooden house with resident DJ

We had dinners by the sea

We snorkeled and saw a barracuda (Karim went back to the boat, because he was afraid of the barracuda :| )

We rented a small boat with locals who drove us around Anguilla and to Sandy Island where we had lunch.

I want you to read more about Anguilla here and here and please consider it!! Send me pictures!!

If you like Anguilla, also check Canouan Island


This is also an island but less touristic, more authentic and untouched.

The good news here is that it covers both relaxation and adventures from the beach to the jungle.

Get to know this beautiful destination with this video and its travel guide.


There are so many reasons why you should choose Philippines as your honeymoon destination.

Explore Philippine through this writer’s eye

If you choose Philippines as a honeymoon destination, make sure you visit more than one island, choose from these 10 islands, they are all easily accessible and each one has different characteristics.

Real honeymooners review here


Yup, on my bucket list too, poor husband…

Mexico has a lot of “must see” cities. Therefore, you can go on a tour and explore them all. Naming a few interesting cities: Tulum  , Los Cabos, Cancun and Cozumel