6 young Lebanese Women we are proud of 👩🏻‍🎤

It’s Women’s day in two days and We deserve that day of recognition! 
We have POWER in us that empowers others. 
We have STRENGTH in us that strengthens others and
We have WILL in us that could change the world

When I was a teenager and dreamed of my future; BabyT aside (haha), this is not where and how I pictured myself at 28. I dreamed about something different. But I am trying my best to accomplish it (Unless I'm pregnant, then it will wait...) 

While some of us (ME) got married and had children (cute ones, though), others were empowering themselves and creating their babies on their own. No testosterone whatsoever involved.

We chose five young Lebanese women with success stories that we, as women and especially Lebanese ones, are proud of.

Tatiana Fayad & Joanne Hayek, the women behind Vanina accessories.

Those 2 Lebanese women are childhood friends who started the concept of Vanina as a hobby, in their bedrooms. Now, it has grown into a label, spread from Beirut to China, literally. Vanina is more than just a lifestyle brand. Indeed, through fashion, it carries a message for social and environmental changes. 
Tatiana & Joanne’s vision revolves around sustainability. Vanina’s collaborations are numerous (Swarovski, Sarah’s Bag, L’Artisan du Liban…), and they also team up with local NGOs. 
They kept their Lebanese identity and still produce in Beirut! 
How proud are you? 

Ayah Bdeir, the woman behind Little Bits

She started this concept when she realized her education in Engineering lacked creativity. 
Little Bits is a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks allowing you to create and build your inventions. With Little Bits, your children become inventors and not just users of the available technology such as playing on the iPad. Some schools even use Little Bits as part of their learning system. 
I speak on behalf of all mothers when I say I’m so proud of Ayah to have found a new way for our kids to challenge themselves while having fun!
Watch her Ted talk here


Hind Hobeika, the woman behind Instabeat

She was a professional swimmer, who realized she couldn’t track her swimming progress over time. That’s how Hind Hobeika got the idea of Instabeat, a swimming monitor, that can be mounted on any goggle, to capture heart rate, the number of laps and stroke type in REAL-TIME while swimming. Watch her Ted talk here 
Now that’s an invention that changed the world of swimmers! 


Elsa Karout, the woman behind Elsa Chocolatier

It all started with Elsa's parents, in 1994 when they opened a wholesale chocolate factory in Beirut exporting to the Gulf area and Arab countries. In 2009, their daughter Elsa and son Rami joined and tried to convince their parents to invest in the retail brand and grow the company. But it’s not until 2015 when their parents accepted the change. 

The concept of the brand and the logo were redesigned, and Elsa was taken to the next level by creating the Elsa Chocolatier boutique; a modern looking store in the heart of Beirut and prestigious area of Kantari with a chocolate bar where people can make and customize their own chocolate.
Elsa focused on particular flavors, high-end chocolate making and contemporary designs for the events section. It quickly gained grounds and recognition.


Raya Tueny, the woman behind Made For Brands

Raya Tueny is a firm believer that stories have the power to impact people. With her creative skills and graphic designer background, she specialized in Creative Practice for Narrative Environments in Central Saint Martins London. She founded Made for Brands (MFB) with her sister Lara Tueny Samaha. 
Guess what? They’re a team of 9 WOMEN!

MFB is a studio specialized in storytelling for brands. Every brand and institution have a story to tell, so they make sure it's narrated in the most memorable and efficient way. They are based in Beirut and work with local and international brands such as Middle East Airlines (MEA), Smallville Hotel, The HealthQuarters Polyclinic, Unicef, Beirut Open Stage, Kendall Watches (Switzerland), Middleby Corporation (Chicago, USA)…
Raya took branding to a whole new level with MFB.