Beginner or Advanced, those 3 abs challenges will get your bikini abs ready

Summer is just around the corner. It’s time to get those bikini abs ready.

If, just like me, you enjoy a challenge and want to tone up your belly, those 30-day abs challenges are definitely worth a try!

Print the challenges! Or take a screenshot and start TODAY! 

Beginner Challenge

 If you’re not used to working out regularly, this is for you. This abs challenge is taken from Lauren Conrad and will help you strengthen your core and abs. It’s divided into 3 exercises that you do every day. The only thing that changes are the repetitions for each exercise. It goes without saying that you start easy and then the difficulty increases throughout the challenge.


Intermediate Challenge

If you’re fit and work out regularly, you should try the Darebee challenge.

*It also has various challenges other than abs, if you want to check them out.


Advanced Challenge

Now this one is for gym-lovers or training-junkies! It’s also taken from Darebee. The advantage of this website is that you can download your challenge as a pdf, making it available offline, anytime, anywhere!

Are you up to the challenge? Summer, here we come!


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