Orange Cake Recipe, Not Just Any Orange Cake! 🍊

After so many failed attempts, I finally have the perfect orange cake recipe. I am not a recipe creator. What I actually do is get recipes online and try them, mix between them to finally come up with my own! The recipe is healthy, kids friendly, super easy to make and it’s ingredients could be found everywhere. It’s refined sugar free of course but If you’re on a diet and wanna lose some weight, you can replace the coconut sugar with stevia or any no calorie granulated sugar.

Other alternatives of the coconut sugar could be: Grape sugar or any type of healthy sugar that is dry granulated. It’s important to note that since coconut sugar is dark, it will give your cake a darker color, if you use white sugar, you’ll have the white cake same as the picture. You can use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour, but I honestly don’t depend on snacks for my kids nutrients, i’d rather they enjoy a yummy cake, that’s it.

The first time I try this cake it came out super yummy but a bit soggy, so I did a little research on how to avoid that and make fluffy cakes, and I found this article, this is how easy it is!!

PS: You can use the same recipe for Orange cupcakes!

Please try the recipe and let me know your thoughts.



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