How To Get Rid Of 🐜​ LICE 🐜​ With The Easiest & Safest Way Once And For All.

It’s Lice (and nits=eggs) Season mammas! Calm down, it’s flu season too and it’s kind of the same! There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your kid gets infected with head lice it doesn’t mean your child is dirty! In fact lice can't live on dirty and oily hair, they need clean fresh hair and scalp! It’s more than fine, but please make sure you inform your child’s classmates’ moms that your kid is infected for them to check their kids and do the same or else, your kid is most likely to get infected again!

Ok, my head is itchy just by writing about it!! And YES! We have been through this last year with Toufic (can you imagine with his hair??) TWICE! In fact once, but I did a mistake the first time (I’ll tell you all about it) so I had to do it again in 20 days! And YES I cried!! And I was pregnant with Lynn. So I searched for a product that was safe to be used around me and found the best. So now that I’m a pro (proudly 😖 ), I’ll tell you all my tricks and secrets!

Your pharmacist will tell you about the repellent that will prevent you kid, don’t use it, it doesn’t work! Unfortunately there’s noway you can avoid this unless you were lucky!

First let’s start with facts and myths:

Myth: Lice is a sign of poor hygiene 

Fact: Lice actually LOVE clean and fresh scalp

Myth: Lice can fly and jump from one head to another

Fact: Lice can only spread through physical contact when people’s hair strands meet during close contact, live crawl from one head to another. 

Myth: Lice can jump from and onto pets and other animals

Fact: Lice only affect humans

Myth: Cut your kids hair if they get infected

Fact: There’s absolutely no need to cut your kids hair, the lice and their eggs are on the scalp not the hair strands so unless you are going to shave their head (please don’t), don’t bother cutting their hair.

Do you have any other myth and fact about lice? Send me an email and I will update.

Second, how do you know if your child was infected?

If you are just checking because you heard someone in another class was infected, but your child is not actually itching, then just get a lice comb (from any pharmacy, pic below) and comb through your child’s hair after his/her shower while his/her hair is still wet (make sure you used a conditioner in the shower or any leave in serum for easier combing! Make sure you start with the following areas: behind the ears and the neck! 


If you suspect your child has lice because he’s itching, then follow the steps below: 

What you need: 

  1. The head lice special comb (from pharmacy) 

  2. Any hair serum or oil (transparent) 

  3. A bathroom with good light


  1. Tie your hair and put some serum on your kids hair. The reasons why you need a transparent oil or serum is one: easier for you and your kid to brush through, two: for you to actually see the lice on the comb. If you use a conditioner, you won’t be able to see them.

  2. The first areas you need to check with the comb are behind your kids ears and his neck. This is where lice LOVE to stay and place their eggs! Yup they have s** on your kid’s scalp and lay their eggs there! 🙃  So you start to comb through your kid’s hair making sure the edge of the comb touches the scalp not just the hair (the lice and their eggs are on the scalp not the hair length)

  3. Keep on combing though EVERYWHERE, make sure not to miss a spot and remember that if your kid was recently infected, it’s gonna be hard to find them. COMB COMB COMB. 

  4. If you see (even one) lice, DON’T PANIC! Wash the comb directly and follow the below steps

  5. Don’t worry, you will know! Don’t google pictures of lice, it’s disgusting. You will not miss them trust me.

How to get rid of them

What you need: 

  1. Parasidose lotion (45 min) Not the shampoo, the lotion with it’s comb.

  2. Hair oil or serum (transparent) 

  1. It’s totally normal to feel itchy and obsess about your kid itching his head after reading this post or hearing anyone say LICE!!🙈😂

  2. Don’t try organic and natural and homemade remedies! Do yourself and your child a favor and use parasidose. I tried the organic and natural remedy and cried 20 days later because the eggs hatched 😖 AMAZING!

  3. Its a safe product that you can find in all pharmacies. It can be used on pregnant, breastfeeding and even babies as young as 3 months! It’s really the best! It will kill the lice and their eggs (nits) at once!


  1. Don’t wet your kids hair, apply a generous amount of the product (even if he still has the serum you applied at first, it’s fine) on his hair and scalp making sure you covered all areas for 20min (don’t use the comb yet)

  1. After 20 min apply more serum and start combing (the reason why I wait for 20 min before I comb is that I want to make sure the lice you are removing are already dead not alive). Keep on combing for the next 25 min. You can divide your kid’s hair into 4 or more partitions to make sure you covered all the areas.

  2. When 45 min have passed, give your kid his usual shower with his usual shampoo and kiss the lice and their nits goodbye!

    Make sure you wash your kids beddings before they use them again, noting that lice and nits can only survive few hours off a human scalp! So no, don’t burn your house down! Just the beddings or any surface that your kid mid lay his head on whithin 24 hours after he’s lice free! 

I’m sorry you had to go through this Mamma and congratulations, your kid has just completed a milestone, a disgusting one but that’s ok, you can do it!