This Diet Plan Will Help You Get Your Body Back While Breastfeeding

Hello 🐮 Mammas, I have some bad news: You have been lied to!… Not by me, I always tell you the truth but whoever told you that Breastfeeding will help you lose weight, well that’s not true.

Breastfeeding doesn’t help you lose weight.

Yes, you do burn around 850 calories per day while breastfeeding, YES, it helps your uterus shrink faster, but breastfeeding (which is amazing and have so so so many benefits for you and your child) keeps you craving and hungry (ALL THE TIME) and since you will most probably satisfy your hunger with carbs, breastfeeding won’t help you lose weight unfortunately BUT with an appropriate and most importantly nutritious, super nutritious diet plan, you will be able to get your pre pregnancy body back and most importantly sustain your milk supply.

 First of all, please note that I am not a dietician. I'm writing this based on my experience with my two children and it worked for me with both and didn't affect my milk supply at all and made me lose all the weight while I was still breastfeeding. 

So first things first let’s set some rules: 

1) You can’t cut carbs completely from your diet, you need it for your energy and for the quality of your milk. 

2) You can’t starve yourself. You will lose your supply and it’s not recommended!

3) Drink a lot a lot a lot of water. It’s the main ingredient that will give you a good supply 

4) Don’t overstress, (please don’t) it will take some time to lose the weight and for everything to go back to where it was before. It took you 9 months to grow a baby, give your body some time. Even if you do lose the weight, don’t expect to get your pre pregnancy shape that fast too. Your body needs to heal. Embrace it, give it some time and I promise you, everything will go back to exactly where it was before (except your boobs… sorry for that, and breastfeeding is not to blame here)

5) Don’t start this diet or any diet before your milk supply is well established (around 6 weeks post delivery or more) whenever you are ready!

It’s ok to take some time off

The rules to follow are simple: Replace your food with healthy and nutritious ones, Cut unnecessary and refined sugars like chocolate and unhealthy snacks; replace them with yummy guilt free ones, cut carbs ONLY at night and EXERCISE. Exercising might be the hardest part for you, don’t overdo it 30 minutes per day will do the job. I know you barely have time as a new mom, if you can’t hit the gym find ways at your own comfort to exercise (take the stairs, take a walk with your baby, walk around the house, just MOVE) it will boost your metabolism and of course will make you lose the weight much much faster! I am using an amazing app called fitplan (They have free exercises and you can subscribe for their plans) , it helped me a lot when I couldn’t go to the gym the gym (a lot lately). I can exercise in the comfort of my own house with my kids. Super effective.

See? Easy! To make it easier on you here’s a typical meal plan with various options of my days. Just alternate and don’t count calories, our bodies are different and we are breastfeeding, we are not allowed to starve ourselves so if you’re hungry, EAT but teach yourself how to eat healthy! Here are 7 basic ingredients you need to replace in you kitchen to lead a healthier life

Healthy Breakfast ideas:  

  • 1 oat bread (I use the moulin d’or) + Labneh or 1 egg or Cheese (Accaoui is the best but whatever u feel like) or turkey or Fava beans bowl (slowly on the olive oil) beans are considered half protein and half carbs.

  • Oat meal

  • Cereals (with no added sugar, I use the go lean ones) with full fat milk (don’t abuse the milk)

Here’s some healthy breakfast ideas for you and your family

Snack 1  

  • 1 fruit of choice

  • Fruit salad prepared ahead of time


ANYTHING home made . Whatever you feel like having ( I eat the dish I cooked for my family.) sometimes it’s a Lebanese homemade dish (contains both proteins and carbs) that includes brown rice of course (please don’t cut carbs), other times it’s grilled chicken or beef wraps, spaghetti bolognaise, healthy lasagna (without the bechamel sauce only red home made sauce: If you want to know how I make my home made tomato sauce that replaces tomato paste and purée send me an email), And always start with a Salad. You can also download the Recipe ebook of Mirna and Baraa Sabbagh here   Or you can find it in virgin mega store : It has amazing and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner.

My favorite salad recipe: Sucrine lettuce, Cucumber, tomatoes, arugula (I get the mixed green leaves box from Marqet and add it) just add any vegetable you like with the following sauce: Dijon mustard, Lemon, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.  

Snack 2

  • My guilt free chocolate ice cream

  • Fruit of choice

  • Fruit salad (homemade and no added sugar)

  • Small bites of dark chocolate

  • 1 spoon (big) of peanut butter, almond butter or fitella (with no added sugar) Fitnomz have the best

  • 1 of Fitnomz yummy and healthy snacks (cookies, cupcake, brownie...)

  • 1 cup of pop corn (air popped or tiny amount of oil)


This is the only meal where you are allowed to cut carbs. Here’s some examples of carb free dinners. Remember to start your meal with a salad ( you can prepare the salad for lunch and dinner ahead of time to have it ready at night, but don’t mix it with the sauce until you serve)

  • Tuna with lemon, salt and pepper: eat it with lettuce wrap (add it to the salad or eat it separately)

  • Grilled halloumi with cucumbers

  • Accaoui cheese (not grilled, it will melt) with cucumbers

  • Sashimi

  • Grilled fish or shrimps

  • Grilled steak or Chicken (you can add any ready made sauce for marination, just make sure it doesn’t contain a lot of sugars) with steamed vegetables (instead of the salad)

  • Turkey and cheese wraps (wrapped in turkey)

In Between meals if you feel hungry or crave sugar

Don’t grab a bar of chocolate or an unhealthy snack whenever you feel hungry in between meals or crave sugar but also don’t starve yourself. Drink water, if you’re still hungry you can either eat a very small amount of your lunch again (skip the carbs here) or eat raw vegetables (if you have time you can make a salad) like cucumber, carrots, lettuce... If you’re craving sugar, take a fruit. 

So this is basically what my day look like most of the time, with a cheat meal during the weekend. Remember the basic rules: Cut unnecessary and unhealthy sugar, Cut carbs only at night and replace everything you eat with YUMMY and healthy alternatives (less oil, less fat, control the quantities...) and don’t forget to EXERCISE.