This Guilt Free Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Will Get You Addicted🍦🍨

Hello healthy peeps!!  

I have been on a healthy diet since two weeks and was trying to come up with healthy snacks alternatives (since this is mainly what I need to cut to be able to lose weight) So I created (by mistake and later on discovered it was everywhere) this amazing chocolate ice cream recipe with a banana 🍌 base that is used to make the ice cream texture🍧, if you hate bananas 🐒 you can modify the recipe and make it less and less bananny🍌🍌🍌🙄🙄🙄). 


Bananas 🍌

Cacao Powder (did you know theres a huge difference between cocoa and cacao? Yup not only the letters!! Read here why I insist on cacao and not cocoa!)

Optional: Honey or maple syrop or vanilla extract) for extra sweetness (I personally dont add any sweetener, the banana is already sweet enough) 

Regarding the measuring, it depends on how much ice cream you want to make! It could be one banana for you and eat it right away or two kilos for the whole family and refrigerate it for later. For the cacao, it also depends on how chocolaty or bananny (I know it’s not even a word) you want it to taste. Bottom line, mix and taste 😬😬😬  ( Thank god I’m not a food blogger haha)


 1) Peel and cut the bananas into big chunks, freeze them in a plastic bag for at least two hours or overnight.

Note: If you froze them for two-three hours, the bananas will be ready to use right away (they will be frozen but still a bit soft on the inside) but if you froze them over night (which Is totally ok, I do this most of the time) you need to get them out and thaw them for approximately 10min (NOT COMPLETELY) before the next step)   



 2) Put your bananas in a food processor and wait until the mixture is ice creamy (you got it right?) This in the base of your ice cream. 



3) Start adding the cacao powder one spoon at a time. Taste your ice cream and add cacao as much as you want.


4) Once you reach the desired taste put the ice cream in small containers each for one serving or in ice cream molds. You can get creative by adding a layer of peanut butter between the layers! And put them back in the freezer for healthy future snacks for you and your children. 


5) I add shredded coconut and 1 spoon of peanut butter when served! You can also add fruits or go crazy with it. BE CREATIVE and Bon appetit.