15 Weird Encounters With Your Babies That Will Freak You Out While They Shouldn’t

Hello Mommies and expectant mommies! I have gathered for you the weirdest list about things that you might go through with your babies and will most probably freak you out while they shouldn’t. I will list the below randomly.

1) Your girl might have a mini period in her first days of life.

YUP!  You might see some fresh red blood in your newborn girl's diaper. During pregnancy, a surge in maternal estrogen levels can stimulate a female fetus's uterus causing it to shed some blood. (Can you imagine she already has a tiny uterus? 😳) What to do? Don’t panic, call your doctor and tell him, he will ask you to monitor, blood should be gone whithin 24 or 48 hours. 

2) Your baby (boy or girl) might have swollen milk leaking boobs   

Hormones again! Baby's exposure to your hormones can often cause breast tissue to develop thus swollen boobs and since it takes a while for the hormones to wear off they might also leak milk! Don’t panic, it’s rare but it happens and totally normal. You only need to worry if baby has redness around boobs. 

3) Your baby Boy will have erections

Yup, it’s disturbing a mini zizi with an erection I know but it’s just there to tell you that everything down there is working well. It’s actually unclear why baby boys get erections, and it happens usually when you change their diapers. Erection should go whithin minutes if it lasts an hour or so, you need to tell your ped. Wanna read something weirder? In their toddler years (2 and up) kids will be aware of their erection and start touching their private areas (girls too) I was lucky enough that my friend went through the same weeks earlier than me and told me about it and I panicked (thought for a moment that her girl was molested or something) until mr google assured us that its perfectly normal. What you should do?  Absolutely nothing, you ignore and try to distract him/her with anything else without him noticing. If your toddler is doing this in front of people, you just tell him discretely: This is your body, no one has the right to touch it, you do this when you are alone not in front of people (this was an infant psychiatric recommendation)       

4) You will never touch your baby’s brain

Those soft spots on your baby’s head are called fontanels, when you touch them, you are actually touching a very thick protective membrane Not his brain. The soft spots exist so your baby can safely go down the narrow birth canal without harm. Don’t over stress about them. You might also see baby’s pulse in his fontanels, what you’re actually seeing is baby’s normal circulatory system. Relax

5) Your baby might have clogged tear duct

Lynn had this. Baby’s eyes or eye will have a yellowish discharge. It’s very common and in most if the cases, with little cleaning and some eye cream (I used fucitalmic prescribed by her ped) baby will outgrow it. In rare cases it might need a small operation.   

6) Your baby might have baby acne and pimples

Both my kids had it, on their faces and neck! It’s frustrating and while most people will tell you that you need to hydrate, in fact you don’t! You just need to be patient. It appears between 2 weeks and 2 months and will fade away whithin 2 weeks or 1 month top. No one knows from where this comes, some blame mommies hormones too (poor hormones). 

7) Your baby will spit up, it doesn’t mean he has reflux

Don’t rush to give baby medicine! Babies spit a lot! Reflux is a BIG word. If baby is not vomiting (projectile) and is gaining weight normally, he doesn’t have reflux! Wait... try to burp him more, or maybe you’re just abusing your breasts! Don’t put him there everytime he cries, he’s not always hungry, don’t over feed him. He will spit them up! 

8) Your baby will sneeze... a lot 

No he didn’t catch a cold. Babies have tiny noses! A tiny amount of mucus will make them sneeze. And because your newborn has just emerged from his watery home in your uterus, he's likely to have at least a little congestion, which may cause sneezing. Relax unless his sneezing is accompanied by thick, yellow mucus, which indicates a cold.

9) Your baby will have lots lots lots of hiccups

And you will hate it. Experts aren't exactly sure why young babies hiccup so much; some say it's due to a miscommunication between the brain and the diaphragm, the abdominal muscle that controls breathing. Regardless of their cause, hiccups are a harmless part of babyhood.  Relax.

10) Your baby will have a small hallow in his chest

Baby’s heart is ok. According to experts, the breastbone is made up of three parts. The indentation you see is likely the bottom piece, angling backward. As your baby grows, her chest and belly muscles will pull it down. Breath.

11) Your baby will have Cradle cap  

On his head. It looks like a weird rash and its a bit nasty! It is also frustrating but there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Use olive oil on it and it will be gone! 

12) Your baby might have umbilical hernia  

While you’re pregnant, the umbilical cord is connected to your baby’s abdominal muscles through a small hole. This usually closes up after he’s born. When it doesn’t, the gap that’s left is called an umbilical hernia. It has nothing to do with the way the doctor cut the cord when your child is born.

Dont worry, most umbilical hernias don’t need any treatment. Usually, the hole heals on its own by the time your child is 4 or 5 years old (or even earlier). Even if it doesn’t, it’ll likely get smaller. That’ll make surgery a bit easier. 

 13) Your baby might have hemangiomas

They are also called Strawberry mark. They are a common type of birth mark, they look like a small bruise, scratch or bump, they are made of blood vessels. Don’t google it, the most common type is the superficial one. And they have cute names: Angels kiss is the one that appear on the forehead and stork bite is the one that appears on the neck (both my kids had it). Relax, it will fade away. 

14) Your baby will shed a lot of hair  

You will wake up on day and freak out about the amount of tiny hair you will see on your baby’s mattress. Totally normal. Baby will get all his hair back. PS: You will shed a lot A LOT A LOOOOT of hair  too, its also normal and your hair will grow back too.    

15) Your baby might choke 

Toufic, my son, turned blue once. He choked on my Breastmilk. I was traumatized. I could have avoided this if I just held him up when I felt that he was gagging but instead I handed him to my MOM and he turned blue! But thank god, everything was back to normal whithin seconds. So the first thing you should do is simply holding your baby up and wait for him to breath again, if he doesn’t you use this method. When older, babies will grab anything from the floor and put it in their mouth, this is the dangerous choking (and also on solid foods) this is what you should do here. Also please note that there’s a difference between choking and gagging, read this article, it’s very important to know the difference.  


The things we go through!! Welcome to motherhood!  


Did you go through any of the above mammas? Did you panic? I did big time with my first! Share with me your stories!


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