🥞Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas And Recipes🍯 For The Whole Family 🍳

Hello Mammas!  

As you may know, (or not) I have two kids, Toufic (4y) and Lynn (11 months). Today, Lynn can eat almost everything exactly like her brother, but for the longest time, Lynn’s breakfast was mainly oatmeal with fruits and some add ons like chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon and sometimes unsweetened cacao powder… You can read the full article on How, When And What To Feed Your Baby From 0 To Toddlerhood. (from a mom to another).  We are always out of breakfast ideas for our kids. We want them healthy, fulfilling and nutritious. 

I am the queen of “Let’s save time”

Since I’m the queen of “let’s save time”, I am into easy, actually super easy and on the go, breakfasts for my kids. I will share with you in this article my favorite recipes from here and there with my twists (of course). All the recipes, tips and ideas I am sharing are either make ahead ones like super healthy and natural granolas bars (yes this is a full breakfast for me on days where we have to eat it in the car or just because we wanna have granola bars for breakfast!) or make ahead homemade man’ouche, and 5 min recipes. If you want my super tip: Stick to your weekly plan menu that you prepare once per week including they breakfasts, lunch and even dinner. It makes your life easier. 1: You know what to feed them the next morning and it will save your time TRUST ME 2: You control what to feed them during a week: You will be able to control what they eat every morning making sure you diversified as much as you can their breakfasts 3: You won’t miss any ingredient: You will get all the ingredients you need based on your menu via your shopping list section (you’re welcome 🙄). Download your weekly plan here with its shopping list in excel or numbers format.I tried my best to cover you all mammas, of course we don’t eat and accept all the recipes below, just pick the ones you know your kids will eat and be creative, for example, if your kid hates raspberry and love strawberry, you can replace it, you don’t have almond butter? replace it with my super peanut butter. (I always do that). Use your milk of choice, replace honey with apple sauce if your kid is under 1y etc…


So here’s basically what you and your kids could have as a breakfast 


Eggs are on my superfoods list . We have them for breakfast 2 times per week and we alternate between boiling them, in a sandwich with some salt, black pepper and dried mint, scrambled, omelette with a little bit of olive oil, or sunny side up. Scrambled and omelette?? Add any vegetable your kids love: broccoli (If I add broccoli to mine, Toufic will throw it out the window, I hope yours loves broccoli because it’s also on my superfood list, sweet pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions… just ANY vegetable. I also introduced lately a new way to eat eggs and hide some vegetables in it : EGG MUFFINS and the kids LOVED IT! Super easy to make and convenient. I have the best recipes for it, choose the ones that your kids will love. 

Here’s a recipe that has cauliflower and cheese in it (You can replace the cauliflower with another vegetable of your choice), this one has QUINOA and kale (you can replace kale with spinach or any other leafy green that your kid loves). Surprisingly quinoa goes super well with egg muffin. I have one more link to share with you regarding egg muffins, it’s actually 4 recipes in one and they’re my favorites ! Happy muffinning, you’re gonna love egg muffins!

Homemade zaatar (dried thyme) man’ouche 

First things first: Our Zaatar mix: The classic one from The good thymes (you can also find it in supermarkets) I add to the mix some ground flaxseeds and chia seeds (you can also add pumpkin seeds, crushed almonds …)

Try the man’ouche recipe of Rana cooks on Instagram. It’s the best because it’s made out of nutritional flours and apparently some replaced water with yogurt and it was even better. Bake them, freeze them and whenever you feel like it’s a man’ouche day, take them out put your Zaatar mix + olive oil and bake them on 180 degrees. Another way of doing a yummy crispy Zaatar man2ouche is to use wellness bread as a base (You can find it at marqet), toast it a bit in the oven or in the pan, then add your Zaatar mix with olive oil, retort it for 2 min and enjoy it!

Labneh (Strained yogurt), With Any Base Of Choice

Always choose goat Labneh why? Because read this . Choose the base you want (wholewheat toast, bread, oat bread or toast, healthy rice cake… ) spread some Labneh with olive oil, sprinkle some Zaatar mix and enjoy with cucumbers, tomatoes, mint... The fastest by far and a great source of calcium and protein! 


This is Lynne’s favorite breakfast. It’s super easy and it’s a great source of Iron and fiber. You just bring 1 cup of liquid (water or milk) to a boil, add 1/2 cup of oats (any type) and cook for 5 minutes of low heat (first on high heat until it boils then on low heat), let it rest of 2 minutes then add fruits of choice, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of sweetener of choice: honey (if baby is above 1y) or maple syrup (Adding sweetener is totally optional). You can also add vanilla extract, nuts (if no allergies), peanut butter, unsweetened cacao powder and the list goes on… whatever your kids love. Here’s a chocolate oat porridge recipe for your reference.

You know whats better than cooked oats? Overnight oats! Super easy and can save you some time in the morning: In a container, add 1/2 cup liquid such as dairy milk, almond, cashew or coconut milk, 1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats. (you can also add some yogurt), 1 teaspoon chia seeds (if your kids don’t like the texture, skip it), 1 teaspoon of sweetener (optional) close the container and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, add your adds on (Fruits of choice, nuts, peanut butter…) and enjoy.

Here are 8 classic recipes for overnight oats, remember that you can always omit the sweetener (honey or maple syrup) or any ingredient that your kid doesn’t approve. And this is an apple cinnamon overnight oats recipe (I love adding apple sauce to everything)

Healthy waffles, pancakes and crêpes 

We’re not talking bout the usual waffles pancakes and crepes, but a heathy, nutritious and brain booster version of them and of course YUMMY and fulfilling ! Waffles, pancakes and crepes are easy to make for the whole family. To save some time in the morning and because you have your weekly meal plan ready 😎, you already know what you’re having for breakfast the next day, prepare the batter one night ahead and cook it in the morning. You need a waffle maker for waffles and it is super worthy to invest in. The kids love it.

Our Top 4 Waffles Recipes

The Classic Waffle Remember that you can always switch between flours or mix 2 types

The Banana Oatmeal Waffle Skip the nuts if you want. The more the banana is ripe (yes with black dots) the yummier this waffles are

The Chocolate Banana Waffle (You can always replace the flour with any flour of your choice noting that white flour is the least nutritious, so if your kids aren’t accepting any other type, mix it 50/50)

Apple Waffle The applesauce in this recipe gives the waffle extra chewiness and sweetness specially for babies and the cinnamon with apples just YUM! No sweetners in this recipe. You can replace the vanilla almond milk with any milk of choice. Happy Waffling.

Our Top 3 Pancake Recipes

The Brain Booster Pancakes

The 3 ingredients pancakes

Mrs clueless’s famous baby pancakes

Our Top Crêpe Recipe

A healthier version of crepe with oat flour and of course we top it with honey and bananas.

Homemade Granolas And Granola Bars

Those are the easiest and most convenient breakfasts on the go and they are super yummy! Make your granolas ahead of time, pour your milk of choice and enjoy them. Or grab your granola bar (most of the recipes are no bake ones) and eat it as a breakfast in your car or a snack.


This one is the simplest basic recipe with few ingredients and the best step by step instructions to avoid burning your granolas (More of the recipes will ask you to just toss everything in the oven at the time WRONG! Follow this recipe’s steps and you will be super happy). In addition to this recipe, you can add any add on you want like chia seeds, dried fruits, dried cranberries, goji berries, more nuts… Literally ANYTHING you want. I personally just add chia seeds and dried cranberries.

Granola bars

You won’t find store bought healthy granola bars, they all contain refined sugars. All the recipes below are healthy, convenient for an on the go breakfast or afternoon snack.


Chewy Granola bars has apple sauce which gives it a super yummy boost.

Fruity granola bars have apple sauce and raspberries, you can replace raspberry or divide the quantity between raspberries and another berry fruit that are also on my superfood list!

Banana nana nana Granola bars because everything tastes better with bananas!

No Bake

Granola bars that require no baking are usually made our of a sticky base, 3 of the below are made out of dates. I used to hate dates! But now, everything yummy and especially my snacks are made of dates! And honestly I am a big fan of NON baked granola bars. They are chewy and super yummy. Please try them and then judge!! Wanna get creative? (and naughty?) add some rice crispies 🤫 for a crunchier version and some melted dark chocolate (with coconut oil) on top before you put them in the fridge 🧐

Peanut honey no bake granola bars super easy, few ingredients and tastes like heaven (peanut butter)!
Chocolate peanut butter chia bars This could be used as a snack! Its chewy and yummy. You can replace peanuts with any other nut your kids loves.

Almond butter date granola bars for a subtle and light taste!

Honey no bake granola bars The best. And you can replace or omit the nuts.