Weekly Meal Planning 101 😎 With My Free Downloadable Plan 🗓

Every mother’s nightmare! What should I feed my family? And when you have your answer… OOPS! I’m missing some ingredients, so instead of spending 20 minutes in the kitchen cooking your meal, it takes you more than 1 hour between waiting for the missing ingredients, cleaning them and then cooking! Feeding your family should be fun and easy, it should be the last thing that stresses you. All you need is some organization and some planning!

Why SHOULD I plan my meals?

1- You already know what you’re having the next morning for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you know that all your ingredients are there plus, you don’t have to waste some time in front of the fridge looking and getting inspired on “what am I having for breakfast”, “hat are we cooking for lunch?” All you have to do is put together the ingredients as per your meal plan. I like to cook lunch in the morning. So I make sure everything is ready (washed, soaked… the day before)

Tip: Always choose the easiest meals for Monday! It’s always messy during the weekends and Mondays are just MONDAYS!

2- You can control what your family is having in terms of variety during the week. I wish we can give them cereals and milk everyday! But it’s better not to. So when you’re done with planning your weekly meals, you will know what your kids are having the whole week and you will readjust it on the spot if you feel you used a lot of meat this week for example or maybe you forgot fruits!

3- You will not miss any last minute ingredients and that’s honestly the most important part and why exactly I started planning my meals! Missing an ingredient will cost you double the cooking time. I’ve got you covered: The weekly plan comes with an extra page: Shopping list. SO after you’re done with the plan, go through every meal you placed, and check what’s missing, write it down in the “shopping list” sheet. This way you will know that you are covered for the whole week.

How to plan my meals?

1- Download my meal plan template in Excel or Numbers (for Mac) (I kept it as it is for your reference)

2- Invest in some recipe books. My favorites are manger juste, taste of Beirut, Deliciously Ella Every day (all her books are just amazing, and they are vegan for days where you wanna omit meats). You can find the best recipe books at Virgin.

3- Follow foodies on instagram like @MrsClueless, @farahskitchen and @hungrypaprikas save the recipes that you love for later use.

4- Bookmark and save some websites (in your reading list) that you love. One of my favorites is The ktchn, but here 50 best food blogs check them out and bookmark/save the ones you are interest in.

5- Download some cooking apps. My favorites are Kitchen stories and Oh she glows (for healthy snacks and Vegan recipes)

6- Choose a day during the week at your conveniency and stick to that day. Mine is Sunday (If i’m sleeping in the mountains for example and coming back on Sunday at night exhausted, I make sure I finalize the plan on Friday.

Grab your recipe books, your saved recipes and your laptop, open your plan and start filling the plan.

7- Start with what you have. Check your fridge and your pantry and try to start with your leftover vegetables, meat, chicken… and pick recipes upon them.

8- Make sure you include superfoods in your plan

9- Make sure you check my recipes category for more ideas including my easy breakfast ideas 😬

Planning your meals is easy and trust me, it will take much less time than deceasing what you’ll be cooking day by day! Everything will feel organized when you plan your meals!

Do you have another useful tip? Write it in my comments 🎈