Our Story. Something Special, Something Funny, Nothing cheesy Part 1

July 2011

He was 33 I was 23. I have just started my job at Joe fish, an advertising/branding and social media agency who handles mostly local businesses in the region. I was so happy I nailed this job! SO SO SO Happy! I was single, it was summer, I was tanned (I had nothing to do on weekends other than spend 10 hours at the beach and TAN), I used to exercise 5 times per week! So yeah I was having a good time, feeling super good about myself and I was nowhere near getting into a relationship.

The first week of work, Rami (My boss who happens to be Karim’s friend too), wanted me to meet all the clients that I will be handling their accounts. One of the clients was Karim’s company, a family business owned by his father and himself. He was was the last client I met. When you’re 23, (first you’re stupid) second, for you, a 33 year old guy SHOULD be married with 5 kids. (thank god I’m not that stupid anymore). So when I first met him, it was anything but a crush. But I still remember every detail. He was wearing a light pink buttoned Lenin shirt, jeans and a navy blue converse.But in my mind: he’s an old married man with kids. That’s it… But from his side it was different

“It was anything but a crush. He’s an old married man with kids. That’s it… But from his side it was different…”

He knew nothing about me, not even my family name, didn’t know whether I was single or not, my age… NOTHING But still, he interrupted the meeting, went to his father’s office and told him: The girl in my office (next door) is going to be my wife one day. (Of course I didn’t have any idea about this and yes, he knew I’m gonna be his wife from the first meeting). His father kicked him out of course 🙄 But I remember Toufic senior (Toufic my son is named after him) when he came actually to the office where I was and had a weird look on his face.

Karim started passing by our offices every other day, just to have coffee, talk a bit about his account…, and including some smiley faces in his emails, some hahahas. I had my personal number in my signature, he started calling me after working hours and would come up with anything related to work just to open a conversation.

What he didn’t know is that the agency’s blackberry was with me 24/24 and had access to BBM there. (He thought its was with Rami, the owner, his friend…)

What he didn’t know is that I had the agency’s blackberry and I saw all the messages he sent

“I need to know if she’s single!” “Rami, I’m serious about this girl” and the funniest: “What’s her family name?”

I kept the messages unread but I read them all… And I enjoyed it! I was happy he was interested. HIM not anyone else. The guy who was wearing a pink shirt when I met him, the guy who I thought was married with children. Him… But there was something pushing me away… I don’t know if it was his age, not just the age difference but the fact that he reached an age where all he might be thinking about is MARRIAGE and I was still looking for my dreamy LOVE story. I didn’t want to be the future “wife” he was looking for, but the love of his life! The passionate kind of love… that might end up in marriage. I hope you got my point and didn’t find me to stupid 🙄

He added me on facebook and started showing his family my pictures. (I knew this later on). And then he travelled and was in London for the next three months.

He kept on Emailing me “cute” professional emails until one day when he was back in Beirut, I remember I was driving, he called me and asked for my bbm so I played it hard to get 🤷🏻‍♀️ and told him “you have my email let’s keep it there”. I have no idea why I did this. I remember being soooo happy when his name appeared on my phone, but there was still a part of me who didn’t wanna commit and was afraid of the age gap plus HE WAS A CLIENT, and Rami (my boss) won’t be very happy about it. He didn’t like my reply and it was obvious. His emails went back to being VERY professional, no more smiley faces and no more unprofessional calls… I was sad and I regretted not giving him my BBM but there was noway I would do a first step 🤭 (Yes, I am sexist when it comes to this) It went on for about a month until one day he called me, with a sad tone to tell me that he wasn’t feeling ok and that his grandma whom he loved a lot was at the hospital and extremely sick. “I feel like going to the movies, do you wanna join” he asked. BUT! UGHHHHHH why tonight? I can’t say no! He’ll be gone forever! This is my chance to make it right after being stupid not to give him my bbm. But UGHHHHH I promised my parents we’re having dinner together with my brother who’s back from Dubai! So I can’t say yes! But I can’t say no. “Tomorrow, 100% For sure, NO doubt” I needed him to understand that I’m interested (REALLY interested) but tonight I really couldn’t! “You know what? Take my bbm, talk to me tomorrow whenever you want, we’ll go wherever you want”. He laughed, he knew exactly what was going on in my mind and replied, “it’s ok, I don’t need your BBM, I have your email and your number”! We laughed, and of course, he ended up taking it and adding me.

The next day, his grandma passed away, so we didn’t get to watch a movie…

We talked everyday over BBM, for few weeks. Then when he was ready to go out, he asked me on a date. I was so excited, but still… something was pushing me away, he’s older, he just wants to get married…

…But this is going to change soon, 180 degrees…

HEad over heEls

To be continued