Healthy Snacks You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen, Plus 6 Kids Approved Cake 🥧 Recipes 🗒

Welcome back Mammas! I don’t know why, as moms, we panic when it comes to FOOD for our kids whether it’s breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. We’re always out of ideas, and worried that they are not getting enough nutrition in our simple meals! But we really need to CHILL & CALM DOWN! Your simple Zaatar (Dried thyme) sandwich is as nutritious as your oat fruits bowl! Kids need a variety of meals throughout the week, I’m sure you’re doing great. Please mammas, stop mixing ingredients that don’t go together just to give them extra boost of nutrition! Those pure human beings have tastebuds! Healthy and nutritious doesn’t mean yucky! You should yourself taste the food you’re having and make sure you like it! An easy way to ensure your kids are getting all the nutrients they need and for you to feel more organized, try my meal planning hacks here! It will make your life simpler!

Now let’s talk SNACKS! My rule is simple, when we’re out I’m chill and relaxed and my son (my daughter is still too young) can have any snack he wants! But in my house, I try my best to keep it super healthy! So here’s some of my healthy snacks recipes that you will love! PS: I created NOTHING ! All of them are linked to their original sources but please take a minute to read my notes and my tips on each recipe!

Before I start linking those recipes, you need to know something: You can take any recipe from any website and replace unhealthy/non nutritious ingredients with healthy ones. To help you with that, read the article I wrote about ingredients in your kitchen you need to replace for a healthier life. One more thing: Anything homemade is healthier than store bought.

Ok let’s start with the healthiest and easiest ones!

Fruits, nuts and seeds are the healthiest snacks. Fruit salad, topped with chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and/or greek yogurt (labneh) plus some honey. Nuts (raw) like cashews, almonds, hazelnuts are SUPERFOODS and very healthy for your kids!
Fruit popsicles. You just need fruits, a food processor and popsicles molds that you can find at Polygel . It’s the easiest snack and we always have some in the freezer. (Even in winter 🤭) All you have to do is puree the fruits and add them into the molds, you can add honey, maple syrup or even coconut sugar! Check out this article for more popsicles recipes and my super chocolate banana ice cream recipe.

Fruit ice cream, If you don’t have molds yet and are eager to try some fruit ice cream all you have to do is freeze your fruits and use frozen bananas as your base. A pureed frozen banana will give you the exact same texture of ice cream. To this banana base you can add ANYTHING. Cacao power, honey, fruits, nuts… just anything. Moreover, frozen mango gave me almost the same texture. so if you like mangoes, go ahead. Homemade fruit ice cream is sooo much yummier and easy to make. Note about frozen bananas: You either freeze them for 2 hours and puree them directly or if you froze them overnight (mostly what I do), take them out, wait for 10 min and then puree them.

Dates! Don’t underestimate them! They are super sweet! Kids love them! and they are super nutritious!

Ok speaking of dates! You have no idea how many healthy snacks could be done using dates! I personally try to use it as a base in all my snacks! And they are super delicious! Plus it’s so easy to work with, just pit them et voila.

Pop corn! Yes Pop corn is a very healthy snack! Not the ones with lots of salt and oil though. You can do it two ways: If you have the pop corn machine, then just follow the instructions, if not, put a bit of coconut oil or vegetable oil of choice in a pan with the kernels and some salt (you can omit the salt, even better)

Ok let’s get a bit serious and do some super snacks here! I basically chose some cakes recipes (muffins are baby mini cakes for me). I always have one of the below ready on my kitchen counter for afternoon snack.

Cakes and muffins


My super yummy orange cake

It’s healthy, picky eaters approved and HUBBY approved! It took me a while to come up with this recipe! I’m not a recipe creator and will never be! But sometimes Im really disappointed about the amount of recipes online and not 1 easy simple with few ingredients RECIPE! So here’s mine that meets all the above! You’re gonna like it!


Stop searching for healthy chocolate cake recipes! This is the best one! I’ve tried them all! This recipe is super moist and exactly what you wanna taste in a chocolate cake! before you start changing anything, try it! If you feel that it needs more sweetness add more maple syrup in the recipe. Instead of 1/2 a cup, add 3/4 cup. One last thing, I use vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean and it works just fine. Yes it has 6 eggs, you can’t omit any if you want your cake to hold. So you either use an egg replacer (from bob’s mill) you can find it at Marqet or use chia/flax egg . I haven’t tried it with any egg replacer! We’re ok with eggs! So let me know if you do! It should work well! PS: It doesn’t taste like coconut don’t worry!

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.37.29 AM.jpg

I didn’t understand how can people like carrot cakes. Like seriously? out of all the yummy cakes available, CARROT cake? and then I tried it!! One of my favorite cakes today! My son hates carrots, he thinks it’s for rabbits. So we call it orange cake here, the color orange not the fruit 🙄 yeah… we’re a weird family… So here’s 2 very yummy carrot cake recipes. I love them both equally honestly! via and (this one has coconut). I personally omit the raisins (in the first one) because my kids would eat raisins alone but not in a cake, Toufic says they look like insects (sorry!!) I told you were weird! Plus we don’t do the frosting because ain’t nobody got time for this.


Lazy Cake healthyfied (I’m not sure this is even a word, but it should be, especially nowadays) Check it out here via @beyondthekale. It’s done by a health coach. PS: You can find quinoas puffs or popped quinoa on mint


Banana Cake, some call it banana bread! For me its banana CAKE! it tastes and look like a cake! For me, this is the best recipe for it via whereyougetyourprotein and with all the explanations and swaps you need.


Muffins are the easiest grab and go snacks for kids! I know they are not cakes, they are MINI cakes! All the recipes I just shared could be actually used as muffins and baked in a muffin pan for a grab and go option. Now this recipe has many super foods in it like flax meal and because one muffin recipe is not enough so here’s another super recipe done by mrs clueless one of my favorite food mamma bloggers on instagram, it has fruits and many superfoods like linseed, flax seeds, walnuts and more.

I still have a lot of healthy snacks recipes saved here and there but couldn’t fit them all in one article! Try the above and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for more cookies, candies and some homemade breads recipes.