Our Story. Something Special, Something Funny, Nothing cheesy Part 2

Hello Again!

So last time you read, we were about to go on a date where everything was about to change…

We went to Beirut Cellar in Achrafieh. It’s casual and cozy. We’re both not cheesy, so his choice was perfect. I wore beige pants, no heels, barely some make up, a white shirt and a black bag. It was November 11th 2011. He wore a jeans, a white shirt and a dark blue gilet. It was weird, going on a date with a client I call Mr Karim! But not too weird because we both knew where our “unprofessional” phone calls were going… but still, we sat there, smiled and laughed from time to time about the situation. The menu there is also weird, but in a good way. It’s a mix of literally everything. I ordered a burger (I heard it was the best) He looked at me told me: I LIKE YOU!!! He expected me to order a salad or maybe something fancier, at least on the first date! But I was so hungry!

I don’t know why on our first date, we both talked about our families! Yeah, no idea… I remember it was all about my father and his father, his mother and mine, his sisters and my brothers 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t ask…

We had a great time. I still remember every detail. What we ate, drank, talked about. Every single detail as if it was yesterday.


I was so happy I gave it a chance! This dinner changed everything. My heart was smiling on the inside. I remember I went back home and told my mom: Mom, HE‘S THE ONE!! I was the one who was ready to get married the next day now! I literally fell in love from the first date! (I hope he’s not reading this) He was so charming, talkative, the kindest heart you will ever know, and how he talked about his family reminded me of myself. I finally found someone as weird as me when it comes to family. His smile was so charming and most importantly, he was a mini version of my dad…

Because my dad is the perfect man in my eyes, Karim, was someone I knew I will fall deeply in love with… This is when I knew he was the one.

The weirdest thing was the next day when I needed to call him and send him an email! “Dear Mr Saade” with whom I had a date last night! But I couldn’t send “Dear Karim“ in front of my boss! Plus Karim, is not the easiest (super hard) to work with! He’s always complaining about something or asking more than he should! So how are we going to keep this “professional” relationship and personal at the same time? The funniest part is how HE dealt with it. He used to call me on the landline, of course complaining and being super RUDE (as a client) and then 5 sec later, he would call me on my mobile as if the “rude” conversation never happened like a psycho! “I’m sorry I was rude but you know business is business!” I was honestly ready to leave my work the next day! This was weird and unprofessional! PLUS, we really have to tell Rami!

We kept it a secret for few weeks until we had an outing with his friends. I didn’t know Rami was going to be there… We entered the place and the first one I saw was RAMI! He was a bit shocked. Act naturally Mira, say hi smile and you’ll sort it out tomorrow at the office. But honestly Rami was the kindest. He wished us everything good and everything went on normally. Few jokes at the office… and stuff

The days went on, I met his friends, his family, he met mine.

We’ve had our ups and downs.

At some point in our relationship, we were still at the beginning, I felt the age gap (stupid old me), especially when we were around his friends who were married and had kids. I was the youngest, with a big age difference, not a mom yet so at the time we literally had nothing in common. All they talked about was breastfeeding, pumping, kids, diapers, eczema and home-cooked meals! HOW LAME?? Yes exactly! my favorite subjects today but not back then. I know it might feel weird, you’ve only known my as thekoolmom but I wasn’t a mom all my life! Back then my weekends were different, my life was different, everything was different. We used to club every weekend, wake up late, I used to work full time at an advertising agency. My utmost worry during the week was: What am I going to wear this weekend? Yeah… Please don’t judge! Back to his friends, I felt I wasn’t being myself around them even around him sometimes, I didn’t want to sound immature, so I was always super cautious and aware around his “old” friends and him (I hope they’re not reading this though!!). PS: Today, they became my best friends! So I remember sending him the most childish message that anyone could send in history! I don’t even know how he called me after reading it!! He laughed (of course! Is there anything stupider than this???) He asked me not to change and that my foolishness and genuinity are what made him fall for me. Be yourself, don’t change they and I will adapt because one day, those are going to be your friends! Just not today. Give it time and a chance.


I left my job at Joe fish and started a new one at Pimo. During this time we never ever talked about engagement. We both knew this was serious and that it’s getting somewhere but we didn’t know when or how exactly. Karim and I aren’t even close to being the cheesy romantic couple. If there’s anything I do best in this world is LOVE. I know how to love and how to give but I was never the romantic type of girls expecting a flower everyday or a breakfast in bed. There’s nothing wrong with being cheesy, but it’s just not me. I wanted my goodnight wish and my “I love you” everyday, I want 3 dates per week, just me and him alone but in jeans and my messy bun. I want adventures with him not cheesy dinners, I wanna sleep in tents and watch the sunset and the sunrise not in a cheesy fancy hotel with my swan towels. That’s us. No offense to my cheesy romantic readers though.


2 years later

Nope, No proposal! I didn’t get my proposal! I kept on repeating I wasn’t cheesy, I don’t like cheesy stuff... I hate flowers, I dream about an adventurous honeymoon like hiking and diving, road trips, South Africa… I think I overdid it!! So he called me one day, I WAS AT WORK!!! and told me: Babe, we’re getting married! THAT WAS MY PROPOSAL!! Babe, we’re getting married! It wasn’t even a question! Not even a phone proposal! It was a fact! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! Seriously babe! and he also set the date: Engagement this summer, wedding next summer. Oh… thank you for letting me know!

Of course my heart was going to explode. I was dancing on the inside. And at the time, I didn’t think about the proposal. (Today I do!! 🤭)

I started day dreaming about our engagement and wedding. Writing this right now makes me smile and remember that phase in my life! If you’re there! This is the best time of your life! Preparing for your engagement and your wedding! Enjoy it!

In our traditions and culture, the parents should meet in the girl’s house over late afternoon coffee, tea or juice. Just an one hour gathering. This was the plan, it was February, his family visited mine for an afternoon tea……that lasted till midnight! They kept on talking and talking and of course remembering their pasts and the common friends and POLITICS and work and and and… while we sat there in the most awkward and formal situation. This part: I hate it!

I couldn’t wait to marry him

We set a date for our engagement 6-6-2013. I wore something crazy inspired by an Indian dress! Wait for the pix. We were engaged for a year exactly! We got married on 6-6-2014! I can’t say it was a long distance relation ship but he used to travel a lot! And sometimes for a consecutive month! and that used to bother me because I wasn’t allowed to visit him or spend the weekend with him wherever he is. Yes my father was strict about that and he wouldn’t accept it. So I couldn’t wait to marry him because I never got to live those special moments with him like traveling together, a weekend getaway… But we made it up on our honeymoon! We were gone for literally a MONTH! 4 of the most beautiful weeks in my life. Before we get there, I wanna tell you about the wedding: I wore the dress i’ve always dreamed about: asymmetric wedding dress, had my magical entrance and PANICKED like hell, and ruined everything! It took me around 5 min to calm down but everyone was already worried and since my dress was short from the front, everyone saw how my legs were shaking! But it’s fine, everything went back on track and we partied till 4 am. Our wedding was simple, elegant and reflected us big time. It was 90% young and 10% older generation. No extravaganza flowers or decoration, simple just like us. We stopped at 4 am because we had a PLAAAANNNEEEE to catch! Yes we travelled directly after our wedding. We went home, took a shower (for the first time in my own bathroom), had breakfast with my mom, my brothers and Karim’s younger sister and headed to the airport. I don’t remember that I have ever been excited to anything more than this! I was literally over the moon! And one major detail: I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE WE WERE HEADED. I knew our first stop was Miami, so it was around there but I had no idea where we were going next. We spent 3 days in Miami south beach and then, HEAVEN ON EARTH: Anguilla for the next 5 days. It’s a virgin island in the Caribbean. I spent the most beautiful 5 days of my life there! We were in swimming suits everyday! And in a wrangler. Plus I swam with a dolphin! Simple, beautiful, natural. It was mainly chillaxing! We’re going back on our 10 year anniversary! If you’re getting married soon, please go there and send me PIX!! Our next adventurous destination was puerto rico! Full of adventures: Zip lining and forest adventures! Also in a wrangler and in swimming suits all day long. After Puerto Rico we did two small islands: St Thomas and st John, nothing beats Anguilla honestly but they were so charming. We swam with turtles and fish around us. We took a sailing mini boat alone and got lost in the sea. It was so charming and romantic. New York was nice but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it for a honeymoon! I don’t recommend any city for a honeymoon I would definitely go to islands 🌴! Then on our way back to Beirut we did London for 4 days and then back to reality!! Honesty after being away for a month I was so excited to come back.

I’m pregnant!

We weren’t trying to get pregnant. We wanted to start trying after 6 months. Not because we had something in mind, but everyone advised us to enjoy at least 6 months to 1 year of married life before getting pregnant. We travelled again in September with Karim’s family to south of France and I went crazy there with water activities. I wasn’t expecting what came next. We spent around two weeks there and came back on the 8th of September (I remember very well). Im sure you can relate because it happens with many couples. But during our stay there Karim told me he had a feeling I was pregnant but I told him NOWAY! I expected to get my period there. But I didn’t. I didn’t expect at all pregnancy! On the 10th, my period was late for around 4 days so Karim insisted we do the pregnancy test. POSITIVE! I remember it was late at night. I cried and laughed at the same time. Called everyone, woke them up and told them! I WAS PREGNANT! Few weeks later we discovered it was a boy, we knew it was going to be a Toufic, named after Karim’s father.

Ok nothing very interesting here: just like any other pregnancy. It was smooth, easy and beautiful! I gained 25 kilos and couldn’t care less! I delivered naturally on the 7th of may 2015 at AUBMC at 12 pm. Had hideous baby blues that I would really like to talk about one day, for the next 15 days but everything went back to normal after that. Lost all my weight in 6 months, got my body shape back in 1 year and started my blog when Toufic turned one.

I was ready to have another child when Toufic turned 6 months! But Karim didn’t accept because he WANTED to spend enough time with Toufic, give him all the attention, and that the perfect time to get pregnant was when Toufic turns 2. And that’s what we did. In April 2017 when Toufic was 1 y and 11 months old, we started trying. May and June: Negative, July: I don’t know how our bodies work really! I was sooo disappointed the first two months! I did everything right! and on time (if you know what I mean) but it was negative and I felt sad. Then when we were planning for June, I noticed that during my most fertile time, Karim will be away! So we had minimal chances! But we tried and I really didn’t expect at all to be pregnant! during the first two months I did the test few days before I get my period, because I was sure I am pregnant. The third time, I didn’t because I was sure I wasn’t! Anyway I was pregnant with my second child and found out on the 8th of July 2017! Yup I remember those details! We did the family trip in September again, then went to Mykonos to attend a wedding while I was pregnant (I was the only preggo in Mykonos), spent an amazing summer till October. In October, my pregnancy nightmare began. Let’s stay positive and happy here because everything turned out fine but if you wanna know more about my ugly pregnancy with Nouni, read about it here. Nouni was born on the 12th of February 2018. No baby blues whatsoever! I was the happiest honestly! After what I went through, my baby blues vanished when I saw my healthy baby. The chapter post Nouni, you all know it.

The end

Reading back our story makes me feel grateful for everything and especially our health. This is all I pray for everyday: Health.

If there’s one thing I can tell you: Don’t search for love, it will come to you in the most unexpected ways! When you least expect it! Focus on your dreams, on your career (NOT YOUR BOSS), try to make most of your dreams come true before you get married and have kids because once you do, everything whether you like to or not, whether you fight for it or no, will put on hold. Our life will change after we get married and have kids. To the better yes but we will give up on so many dreams we had before that. Is it worth it? Yes, my kids and my family are my everything and are the only ones who make me happy but if you are able to do both: accomplish and then settle down, do them both.

Thank you for reading our story and for keeping up with us.

We love you

The Saades

Pre Marriage