Printable Groceries List πŸ—’ That Every House Needs.

Hello Busy People! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that every Sunday, end of day, I sit in front of my computer, open my  weekly menu template, my favorite recipe books and websites that I bookmark and save to fill my menu including breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners for the coming week (and when i’m feeling lucky and very creative, I fill the coming month, so 4 pages!) You can also check my recipes section for more inspirations.  As mentioned in my previous article about how I use my weekly menu template , you start with what you have in your pantry and fridge. For example if you have excess tomatoes, you know that something with tomato sauce is cooking this week like my super burgul with tomato sauce. Once the fridge and pantry have been checked, start thinking about something that you miss eating (Something easy!! you only live once!) and of course try to fill your menu with recipes that include super foods then open your recipe books and your favorite websites and get inspired! You can check my breakfasts list and  snacks. Now on the same menu, you have a second sheet, an empty one where you can fill simultaneously all the ingredients that you are missing for your coming menu. 

But I tried something to make this easier and more efficient, I designed a Groceries list that includes all the vegetables, fruits, household items… that you might need, they are divided into sections and in alphabetical order! This way you will make sure not to forget anything! How do I use it? EASY! First I print a batch and keep them in the kitchen and use one every week. I go through every single item on it and ticks the ones I need or want!