This Tomato Sauce Is A Must For Your Freezer And Your Dishes

It’s the easiest and most convenient way to make and store tomato sauce in your own freezer in small glass containers. They are on the go for any dish that needs tomatoes or any kind of tomato sauce. It’s also perfect for your homemade pizza or pasta sauce. Wait for it at the end.

There is no specific measurements here because all you need is TOMATOES! Choose the ripe ones from your fridge (I usually buy fresh tomatoes and use the leftovers after few days for my tomato sauce.) All you have to do is: Wash the tomatoes, cut them into 4 big cubes and toss them in the mixer. No you don’t need to peel them nor core them! Well this is how I do it and we’re all just fine! After mixing, you’ll get a pinkish foamy sauce or if you wanna call it juice. You pour it into the pan and cook it on high heat until it boils, become dark red and the foam disappears.

Yes You’re done! Let it cool down, pour it in small glass containers, leave some space for expansion and place them in the freezer.

This sauce can replace tomato paste and store bought tomato sauce. You can also use both in a recipe sauce and paste (This is what I do) I tried to make my own tomato paste and it worked but honestly it took ALOT of my time I literally had to spend the while day in the kitchen so no, I buy it from a good source like Adonis valley.

Last minute Pasta and Pizza sauce? The out one jar, thaw it by submerging it in water, add some garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, dried basil, salt and black pepper. TADAAA! You can also fry freshly diced onions onions then the garlic and add any vegetables like mushroom, olives, fresh diced tomatoes, corn…whatever your kids like in the pasta and pizzas then add the tomato sauce and cook it on low heat! Also try my super pizza recipe for your kids


I always have at least 2 to 3 frozen tomato sauce jars in my freezer! They are easy to make, very convenient, will avoid waste and super healthy!