Spinach And Kale Stew 🍃 My Family’s Favorite Dish

Spinach stew is one of my family’s favorite meals! I used to make it exactly like my mom did (which is amazing) until I started exploring in my kitchen and decided to change the typical recipe to the one below.

I was a bit judgmental when it comes to kale! Like why people are so mesmerized by kale? It doesn’t even look good! And then I tasted it! Its YUMMAYY! It tastes like your favorite green leaf with lemon juice. Has a lemony (sour) yummy taste! And then I read about it! It has a lot of benefits and like Mr. spinach, Mr. kale is perfect for kids with iron deficiency or anemia.

Let’s do it. Super easy and convenient.

TIPS: Freeze your fresh spinach! Buy big quantities when it’s their season, wash them, dry them and freeze them in freezer bags, try to take out as much as you can the air inside. Super easy!