Top 3 Fitness Apps That Will Get You Hooked

If you’re reading this right now and this article specifically, then you LOVE your body, you don’t hate it and because you LOVE it, you want what’s best for it. BUT, you don’t know where to start, you don’t have time, you don’t like the whole idea of committing to exercising, you’d rather do something else. This whole idea of being fit or more specifically the journey to get there might not appeal to you and I totally understand! Yes I do! And take it from me: you will never be able to commit until you find WHAT YOU LOVE and that means: ENJOY your workout whatever it is. Maybe PT is not your thing. Maybe weight lifting is. You might hate the treadmill, you might love yoga, maybe you like long easy workouts or super fast high intensity workouts. Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered. I myself, HATE the gym. I love to workout everyday, and I do workout almost everyday, but at my pace and I choose what I feel like doing. Some days I feel like cardio but no not the treadmill HELL NO! Other kind of cardio exercises. Other days I only have time for a 10 min workout. Then some days, I do two workouts! And of course some days I take a break. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I have tried the three of the below apps. They are different but all of them have the same goals! So download them, try them for free and then choose the one that fits you and your lifestyle best. Please make sure you read the descriptions under each one for you to know which one to choose. PS: No, they’re not for free of course they’re not guys. But the cost in a year less than 1 workout session With a PT.

asana rebel

This is not just a fitness app, this is a life changing app where you get to design your day the way it fits you best, set goals, challenges and things to achieve during the day like exercising, eating less, cutting sugar, drink more water… or challenges like the plank challenge everyday. They have a huge gallery of exercises in videos depending on what you want. It’s a super mix between yoga and extreme exercises. You will also have access to a music gallery, and the thing I discovered newly and LOVED: guided meditation! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! It’s not weird, (I used to think it was) it’s actually someone talking to you to let you focus on one thing at a time and make you see things from a different perspective! You will love it I promise you!

Pricing: 50$ a year which is really nothing because you exercise at home not at the gym, the only thing you need is a mat. Totally totally worth it!

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.56.53 PM.png

fit plan

Fit plan is a fitness app that collaborated with the world top trainers (men and women) to become your virtual personal trainer exactly like a real one. The difference between fit plan and an actual PT is that it’s waaaayyyy cheaper and you have access to it whenever you want and wherever you want. Depending on your exact needs, you choose your plan and where you want to do that plan. Most of the plans require basic gym materials like dumbbells. If you already go to the gym and need a personal trainer for a specific plan, Fitplan is excellent for you. You can also use it at home! There are plans specially made for home exercising, but I would definitely invest in basic gym items and do the challenging plans at home. It’s not for free, of course it’s not! its 100$ a year, less than 3 PT sessions. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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sweat with kayla

That’s a total transformation app! It’s perfect for every woman, especially if you wanna lose weight because it’s not just exercises, you will have access to a fitness MENU! They will tell what to eat exactly everyday all day including snacks, when to exercise and what to do depending on your case.

It’s not for free, of course it’s not! its 120$ a year, less than a gym membership for a month and 2 visits to the dietician! TOTALLY WORTH IT! For this app too, I advise you to invest in basic and minimal gym materials like dumbbells, mat, weight… You’re gonna love it!

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Again, download them, try them for free at first and then subscribe when you find your favorite one!