Make your own infused olive oil with three easy steps 🌢 πŸ‹ 🌱

I am loving this DIY trend lately especially when it comes to my kitchen.

I try my best to make everything at home like tomato paste, chicken and beef stock…

Not only do I enjoy it, but most of all, I can be sure that every ingredient used is healthy.

I was at an olive oil shop last week when I noticed they had this cute packaged infused olive oils. Ok they were super cute and they indeed are useful, but they were ridiculously expensive! No really, like one tiny infused bottle costs more than 3 big bottles.

So I decided to do my own infused olive oil, and of course, share the recipe with you!

It’s simple, the oil has to be hot to infuse and each infusion is different from the other (don’t worry, all the details are in the recipe!).

Infused oils are perfect with steaks and salads. Actually, you can literally use them with anything. They add yumminess to your cooking.

After discovering these recipes, I never use my non-infused olive oil again. 

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

I got the bottles from Karout mall.

And we designed the stickers at thekoolmom, so you can go ahead and download them.

Make sure you print them on Sticker paper.