The Best Educational Game Applications For Your Toddlers

 “ I will never let my kids use iPads “ said every first time mamma! Please bare in mind, this is not a post encouraging mammas to get their toddlers iPads and replace it with any other activity! And I know that some of you are totally against it which I totally respect of course! My toddler doesn’t watch or play on his iPad everyday, and is 90% of the time assisted.  You are probably reading this article from your smart phone because it is literally part of your life today. It wasn’t part of my mothers life though and she made it. Whether we like it or not, technology and especially smart technology is part of our life and our children. To be very honest, I am ok with iPads as long as I let my son understand that; one what’s in the iPad is virtual and two as long as he is exposed to reality much much much more. Its just that I don’t make a huge deal out of it. Its there exactly like all those unnecessary and also very educational and mind blowing games and toys I got him. We have the educational puzzles, numbers, letters, lego, many toys for his motor skills and lots of toys that will make every mamma proud and we do have the stupid remote car, the truck that does nothing, the guns that freaked me out at first until I realized that’s its ok ....  You do have stupid uneducational whatsoever toys no? The iPad for us is exactly the same ! You can use it for both purposes! Which is also ok!! I don’t give iPad it as treat and I don’t punish by taking it away! That’s why it is not at all the first thing that comes to mind when we’re bored and we have 0 attachment to it. The iPad itself is not dangerous, What is dangerous are the apps! We are big NO NO for YouTube even YouTube kids unless he’s next to me and we wanna watch something together. I don’t wanna sound like those “Pinterest moms’ because I once let my kid watch you tube kids and honestly the content I watched shocked me so I decided to delete the app. You will get this idea better once your children are able to flip through the videos and go from one to another, you will start at tchoupi and end up at a video of an aggressive fight between Spider-Man and Superman but really aggressive. Please watch this video, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m ok with educational games that are APPROPRIATE TO MY KIDS AGE. This is very important BTW! Make sure he plays with an app for his age! Not all day, not everyday and not while everyone are outdoor at the parc or at the beach, not as a distraction to eat (unless we’re having a really bad time) but when we need to for whatever reason even if it’s for a mamma break!! Yup I’m a tech lover honestly. So my point is, if we control how to use the iPad, it’s not harming at all! Again: my very personal opinion.

With that being said, here are our 4 top games we are currently using and they are AWESOME in terms of learning, motor skills...  you will see for yourself they are really good. And some of them Are developed in more than one language!! 

Developer: kidlo  before you start downloading the below, please check their website they have many many more games and maybe more suitable for your kids ages and needs.

Over 450+ Mom bloggers have reviewed KidloLand & many other Kidlo Apps already! Read the reviews here

Here you go

1) Baby Puzzles & Toddler Games

on iOS or Android 

Kidlo Toddler Games with 700+ interactive games which will boost their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and imagination.

2) Kindergarten Kids Math Games

on iOS or Android 

It is a comprehensive math learning program for kids in Pre-K & K filled with exciting games & interactive songs. It has won the 2018 Academics' Choice Smart Media Award as well.

3) English Learning for Kids

on iOS or Android 

An English learning program for kids in Pre-K & K with 500+ Songs, Games, Activities & Stories.

4) KidloLand

on iOS or Android 

It is an award-winning app for kids with 1000+ Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Games, and Stories. It was featured by Google Play as the'Best App for Kids' in 2016 & is also a recipient of Mom's Choice Gold Award.







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